Jonathan Karl Gatty recently announced the launch of her new book, ‘The Coup, Memories of a Teacher’, detailing the bloody and terrifying events that took place during the coup military in Chile and how he almost got out of that country dead.

ALLISTON, ON, May 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Coup, Memories of a Teacher, offers a firsthand account of the brutalities and injustices that occurred during the coup. The author, who lived through the experience, shares his personal story and the stories of his students who suffered through the violence and oppression of the military dictatorship.

Jonathan is a Canadian retired teacher for the areas of Music, English ESL and Spanish in Canada. According to the author, English language gave him the opportunity to travel to the world and teach this language to the countries such South Korea, USA and Chile. He graduated from Canada and USA, and possess Master in Education, Bachelor in Business Administration, HR Management and HR Information System, Bachelor of Languages in English, and Bachelor in Music. In his home country, he used to be teacher right when bad times or revolution started in 1973, and he was in the middle of the coup military or revolution with my students and we were going through scary and horrible times that put their lives at risk.

Later his moved to Canada, and decided to live quiet, in peace and dedicating his time to the education, to the music, conducting Choirs groups, writing songs, playing, recording, gigging around and writing books.

After a few years, he prepared a Class Reunion from Canada with the help of 4 students and we got the big party with 45 of his students. After this Class Reunion, he decided to write his memories and dedicate it to his students and family that saw him disappeared from Chile. The book is written exactly as the events happened in chronologic order.

According to the author, “My book is a message to the world and to all people that have suffered the horror of a war or revolution and the annihilation of thousands of innocents people and other victims of tortures, as I was, and mass assassination as I was witness .., all these caused by the two main enemies of the politics worldwide: The Right and Left wing.”

The Coup, Memories of a Teacher is now available on Amazon and all major publishing platforms.

For more information or to get more information from the author, email or call 1-647-568-2374.

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