Peter Hartlove’s book Life Along the St. Vrain takes readers on a journey through a private piece of land nestled along St. Vrain Creek in Longmont, Colorado.

LONGMONT, CO, May 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Life Along the St. Vrain is a new book by nature photographer Peter Hartlove that invites readers on an extraordinary adventure into the wonders of the natural world. Through captivating imagery and heartfelt storytelling, Hartlove takes us on a journey through a private piece of land nestled along St. Vrain Creek on the outskirts of Longmont, Colorado.

In this remarkable book, Hartlove shares his personal quest to capture the essence of a relatively unspoiled area and its inhabitants. He reflects on the transformational experience that unfolded when he discovered this hidden gem near his home. Hartlove was warmly welcomed by the Zweck family, particularly Gayle and her son, John, who granted him the privilege to explore and photograph their private land.

Life Along the St. Vrain unveils the extraordinary beauty and diversity of this natural paradise. Hartlove’s deep connection with the land and its inhabitants is palpable as he captures the intimate moments and hidden treasures that define this unique ecosystem. From enchanting landscapes to remarkable wildlife encounters, each page reveals the profound beauty and delicate balance of nature.

Hartlove’s passion for the natural world shines through his evocative photographs and insightful narratives. Through his lens, readers are transported to a place where time slows down and the wonders of the natural world come to life. Hartlove’s years of exploration and observation have allowed him to capture rare glimpses into the lives of creatures that call this land home.

Life Along the St. Vrain not only offers a visual feast for nature enthusiasts but also serves as a call to action. As development and commercialization threaten the existence of pristine habitats, Hartlove reminds us of the importance of preserving and cherishing these natural treasures. Through his lens, he invites readers to reconnect with nature and cultivate a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Join Peter Hartlove on this extraordinary journey of discovery as he shares his insights, observations, and intimate encounters with the natural world. Life Along the St. Vrain is a book that will captivate and inspire nature lovers, photographers, and anyone who seeks solace and wonder in the great outdoors.

About the Author:
Peter Hartlove is a renowned nature photographer with a deep passion for capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world. With a keen eye and unwavering dedication, he has spent years exploring and documenting the wonders of the St. Vrain Creek area in Colorado. Peter’s photographs have been featured in numerous publications, garnering acclaim for their breathtaking beauty and unique perspective.


The book Life Along The St. Vrain will be available for purchase on Amazon and most other on-line retailers.

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