Spiritual enthusiasts and gong fans are invited to celebrate the summer solstice by receiving an energetic cleanse and revitalizing energies during a special “Gongs in the Gazebo” event June 21 in downtown Ellicottville for #NationalDayOfTheGong.

ELLICOTTVILLE, NY, June 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — June 21 is not only the first day of summer, but also the National Day of the Gong, according to National Day Calendar.com.

As a way to raise awareness about the benefits of sound and energy healing, Metaphysician Rev. Suzy Woo, B.Msc., has been bringing her passion of playing the gongs to the streets of the Southern Tier.

On June 21 all are invited to the Ellicottville Gazebo in front of Town Hall, to give people the opportunity to experience energy healing, to learn experientially how powerful thoughts and intentions are, and to illustrate the healing benefits of a sound bath, performed by Ms. Woo.

“Our thoughts directly impact our health,” Woo says. “Those who fear getting sick, get sick. Those who know they are connected to an infinite source of loving energy stay well.

We must be more aware of the thoughts in our head, and make them more constructive and loving. Love truly heals. Living on purpose, with positive, focused intentions will yield a blissful, prosperous life.”

The event will start at noon, where Ms. Woo will be conducting free energy healing for those who volunteer to participate as part of the demonstration. Woo says, “Simple symptoms like a headache, or a sore knee can be processed out of the energy field in minutes.”

At 1pm, there will be a brief explanation about meditation and chanting, that will segue into a sound bath, using 8 quartz singing bowls and 3 large gongs.

Ms. Woo owns Good for the Spirit Gifts, a shop that offers spiritual wellness tools, including sound healing instruments. Additional gongs from the store will be available at the event for attendees to use, free of charge.

When Ms. Woo speaks intentions or chants into the gongs, they react differently and those present can palpably feel the difference.

Following a June 1 gazebo performance, Deanna from West Seneca said, “Suzy proved the power of putting intention and mantras into the gongs. She demonstrated twice playing gongs both with and without using intention. I felt the difference in my heart chakra twice! It was amazing.”

“Some people weep, some receive answers to things they have been stuck on, some get spiritual messages, some hear from loved ones who have passed. Some who can never get out of their head actually relax. It’s different for everyone, but everyone feels something good.” Woo says.

“Get the best result by coming with an open mind, ready to shed away negative energy. All are welcomed.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring a blanket, yoga mat, or lawn chair, and gather on the lawn around the Ellicottville gazebo at 1 Washington Street, Ellicottville. There is a hashtag dedicated to the observance #NationalDayOfTheGong.

The event will go on rain or shine.

Gongs in the Gazebo is free and open to all ages. No registration is necessary.

To learn more about Suzy Woo’s practice, please visit www.Suzy-Woo.com.

Rev. Suzy Woo, B.Msc. is a spiritual healer/consultant, astrologer, psychic medium, retreat leader and author with a private practice in Ellicottville, NY. Good for the Spirit Gifts is a store providing tools for spiritual wellness, a metaphysical/crystals shop located adjacent to Suzy Woo’s practice in Ellicottville, NY.

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