If you’re looking for a children’s book that celebrates self-expression and the beauty of one of the most vibrant colors in the spectrum, look no further than “Red Is My Favorite Color” by Charlotte Kemmerer.

PICKERINGTON, OH, May 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author Charlotte Kemmerer is proud to announce the release of her latest children’s book, “Red Is My Favorite Color”. The book is a delightful celebration of the color red and encourages young readers to embrace their unique perspectives and express themselves creatively.

“Red Is My Favorite Color,” tells the story of Killian, a young boy who sees the world in red. Through whimsical poetry and beautiful illustrations, readers are taken on a journey through Killian’s imagination as he explores the many shades and meanings of the color red. From the warmth of a red sweater to the excitement of a red sports car, the book is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of one of the most vibrant colors on the spectrum.

“Red Is My Favorite Color” is more than just a book about color. It is also a book about self-expression and finding one’s voice. Through his poetry, Killian encourages readers to see the world in their own way, to find their own passions and talents, and to never be afraid to express themselves.

According to the author, “I am hopeful that this book helps to instill the love of books in young readers.” Kemmerer believes that reading is one of the most enriching and fulfilling experiences in life. It is a source of knowledge, imagination, and inspiration that can take us on incredible journeys without ever leaving our homes. For young readers, instilling a love of books can have a profound impact on their lives, shaping their perspective, broadening their horizons, and opening up countless possibilities for their future.

Filled with beautiful illustrations and whimsical poetry, “Red is My Color” is a book that both children and adults will cherish. Whether you’re a young reader who loves poetry, a parent looking for a heartwarming bedtime story, or a teacher searching for a fun and inspiring classroom read, this book is sure to delight and inspire.

“Red Is My Favorite Color” is now available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and other E-book platforms.

For more information about the book and author, email at c.kemmerer@att.net

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