Morris Bart, LLC Awards $2,500 to Incoming Arizona State University Student

NEW ORLEANS, LA, February 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Morris Bart, LLC has offered its Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship to students since the 2020-2021 school year. This year, the firm is pleased to announce that it will give Aaliyah Young $2,500 in financial support. Young’s Anti-Distracted Driving PSA stood out among this year’s scholarship applications courtesy of its graphic excellence and topical expertise.

Students applying for the 2022 Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship were expected to submit a 90-second or less video describing the dangers of driving while distracted. Morris Bart, LLC wanted these videos to serve as PSAs to discourage distracted driving among younger motorists.

Young’s winning video is less than a minute long. She introduces the video with hand-drawn animations and a narration describing how easy it is in this modern age to find one’s self distracted on the road. The combination of animation and free-use, live-action footage demands a viewer’s attention.

Young’s narration is reminiscent of Smokey Bear commercials as she warns drivers against the dangers of unchecked phone use and chatter behind the wheel. Overall, the applicant succinctly captures the message Morris Bart, LLC wants to share with the world. The firm is proud to support her continued academic success.

When discussing her PSA, Young says that she’s always been fond of the style PSAs use to share their messages. She says it took a few weeks to create her PSA’s unique animations. She cites James Baxter and Hirohiko Araki as her primary sources of artistic inspiration, but she also notes that she admires Zendaya’s easy confidence.

As of Spring 2023, Young is transferring from Scottsdale Community College in Rio Salado to Arizona State University. She intends to continue pursuing her degree in Graphic Design with the goal of opening her own studio upon her graduation.

Young is set to graduate in 2025. She is the third student to receive Morris Bart, LLC’s Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship. She joins previous winners Jessie Morgan and Maranda Teutsch.

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