Flock Off Yet Again Offers a Valued Partner Desired Outcomes to their Bird Control Challenges

NORFOLK, VA, April 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the spring returns, and the birds with it, all of us in the OOH world are also focused on the potential damages and slow downs that the returning birds can cause for our bottom line. At this time of year, we make extra time to connect with our customers on their issues and successes, so that we can continue to improve our solution and service, helping alleviate the stress on their budget & timelines.

We caught up with one of the operations manager at Adams outdoor, Jessie Anderson, who is utilizing Flock Off to address the returning birds, and he had this to say,

“The Flock Off solution effectively and humanely solved the challenges we were facing with a protected bird species, specifically, the Osprey. Every year this Osprey would come back to this billboard location where it would nest and lay eggs.”

This being a yearly occurrence for Adams Outdoor, they were looking for a solution to their recurring problem and reached out to their distributor for help. “We tried an array of bird deterrent solutions prior to Flock Off, including; spikes, nets, fake owls, etc. These were unsuccessful in deterring the Osprey as the bird would quickly find ways to adapt.” – Jessie Anderson

We know that those of you in the OOH space can relate to the problem that they are facing and have seen the same issue, birds find a way to adapt to these other solutions on the market. Trying to find a solution that not only works, but is not able to be learned, or adapted to, was what they were doing. Flock Off was installed and the last comment from Adams Outdoors Jessie Anderson speaks to what the OOH community has been seeking.

“We have not had to worry about any lost revenue on this location since Flock Off was installed and are very pleased with the results.” – Jessie Anderson, Operations Manager, Adams Outdoor

Taking care of your assets is the foundation for revenue recapture, asset preservation, humane brand practices, and a solution to that problem we all face. How do we move the birds without breaking budgets, the law, or our brand identity?

About Adams Outdoor:

Founded in 1983, Adams Outdoor is the 4th largest privately held out of home advertising operator in the United States. Our portfolio of 10,000+ displays consist of static bulletins, static posters, junior posters and digitals located in 15 markets across the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. By thinking big, we are able to help our clients reach their audience and drive results where it matters most.

It’s through our core values of Tenacity, Accountability, Innovation, and Integrity that we strive to do what’s best for our clients, partners, and team members.

We are proud to be a leader in the outdoor space and are committed to growing the industry through meaningful relationships, original thinking, and the relentless pursuit of authenticity.

About Flock Off:

Flock Off provides cost-effective solutions to the most challenging bird problems by using low powered, aesthetically pleasing, and humane solutions. Our proprietary technology offers the value and results that our clients seek and expect but haven’t yet been able to find.

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