An interview with Mike Fallat, CEO of Dreamstarters Publishing and Million Dollar Book Agency

PITTSBURGH, PA, May 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an unforeseen turn of events, the publishing powerhouse Scribe Media has folded, leaving the entrepreneurial book creation industry in a state of flux. This upheaval has given rise to DreamStarters Publishing, an emergent titan reshaping the landscape of the sector. As we delve into the reasons behind Scribe’s fall, we must also acknowledge the changing dynamics in publishing.

Let’s examine what led to this dramatic shift and discuss what the future holds for entrepreneurial book publishing, in this interview with CEO of DreamStarters, Mike Fallat.

What are your thoughts on the demise of Scribe Media?

I am shocked. I met Tucker at a conference a few years ago. Seemed like a very smart guy. For many years, they were the biggest name in book creation space. Now, DreamStarters Publishing is the biggest name in the book creation space for entrepreneurs. It’s a wild time for sure.

What do you think Scribe did wrong?

I have no idea about their day-to-day operations. But, from my understanding, they had over 85+ employees which I could only assume created a lot of overhead. With everything happening in the world of automation, virtual assistants, rising inflation, taxes, and changes to the economy, I think having over 85+ in this industry could complicate everything.

What can other media publishing companies learn from Scribe’s demise?

I believe the #1 thing they can learn is how important it is to stay lean. Because I come from the startup world, I see business from a different perspective than most people who live in the corporate space. The bigger the company in terms of employees, the harder it is to pivot. Technology is changing so rapidly, that being light on your feet is absolutely required if you want to win the long game. Too much overhead will cause you to raise prices (which hurts your clients), play the game from a standpoint of desperation, and limit your view on what’s possible. The other thing they can learn is how important it is to not think you are untouchable. Every big company can fall. So, never get too comfortable. Keep innovating.

What are the future trends in book publishing for entrepreneurs and thought leaders?

The future is so exciting. What we are seeing with AI, automations, software, and new tools, the book world is becoming very fun. In addition, DreamStarters Publishing has seen a sudden rise in people wanting to escape the corporate world and start a business. That is phenomenal. Once we help our entrepreneurs get their books done, we have an agency that offers social media management, podcasts, done-for-you funnels, emails, texts, workflows, payment processing, memberships, course creation, and so much more. The Million Dollar Book Agency has allowed authors to turn their books into a real business. The crave of entrepreneurial freedom is stronger than ever. And we get to be a part of the solution.

How do you plan to continue to grow and succeed in the ever-changing publishing industry?

We are continuing to upgrade our systems, streamline the book creation process, and add efficiency at all turns. As time goes on, our culture becomes more cohesive. With our clear messaging, it gives us an advantage in the marketplace. Clarity is power. And we intend to make it very well known to the world that we help entrepreneurs write books, build businesses, and obtain freedom. With the scalability of the Million Dollar Book Agency, we fully intend on becoming the go-to source for all authors to build their tribes. The world is evolving, people are waking up, and we are ready to serve. The game has changed. Now is our time.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mike Fallat, whose expert insights and deep industry knowledge have been invaluable in dissecting the recent changes in the entrepreneurial book publishing space. His perspective on lean operations, the importance of constant innovation, and the future of the industry has given us a deeper understanding of the shifting landscape.

Fallat’s vision for DreamStarters Publishing and the Million Dollar Book Agency illustrates the transformative power of adaptability and resilience in the face of change. His role in fostering entrepreneurial freedom and growth continues to shape the sector’s future trajectory.

About Dreamstarters Publishing and The Million Dollar Book Agency:

Founded with the ambitious goal of helping entrepreneurs write books, build businesses, and obtain freedom, Dreamstarters Publishing has rapidly emerged as a significant player in the entrepreneurial book creation space.

Following the successful venture of Dreamstarters Publishing, The Million Dollar Book Agency was established. This agency serves as an extended arm, offering a suite of services that include social media management, podcasts, done-for-you funnels, emails, texts, workflows, payment processing, memberships, course creation, and more. This wide range of services enables authors to transform their books into sustainable businesses.

Collectively, Dreamstarters Publishing and The Million Dollar Book Agency remain committed to their mission of empowering authors, driving entrepreneurial growth, and contributing to the evolving world of publishing. Their culture of clarity, innovation, and adaptability puts them at the forefront of the industry, continually ready to serve their clients in an ever-changing landscape.

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