820 million people. This is how many people in the world are suffering from hunger each year. 

Every 10 seconds. This is how often a child dies from hunger. 

2,000 calories per day. This is how many calories each individual needs in order to consume a proper nutrient-rich diet. 

25 billion dollars. This is how much money is estimated in order to end world hunger. 

These numbers are staggering, disheartening and bleak. World Hunger is one of the biggest issues in the world today. The million-dollar question, in this case, billion dollar question, is how do we solve such a gargantuan problem? Well, there is no easy or necessarily correct answer. However, if nothing is done, nothing will change. 

Burger Cases, run by two young entrepreneurs, is up for the challenge. Burger Cases is a company that sells phone cases, so how exactly can they help solve this problem? The mission is simple: for every case sold, a burger will be donated to someone in need. They feel this will not only be something that everyone can participate in, because, who doesn’t love phone cases!? People will want to get involved with this movement, as it gives consumers a good feeling when they know their hard earned dollar is going to someone who is less fortunate who could really use it. 

The goal is not only to feed the hungry, but also give the people affected by hunger a platform to share their stories and inspire others to help the cause. Burger Cases is striving to create a movement which elaborates on the problem of hunger, gives people information on the facts surrounding hunger, and allows people to contribute in a fun way. Phone cases are universal, everyone has them- from Australia to France to the US! 

Burger Cases will not be able to solve World Hunger overnight; but they’re going to help as many people as humanly possible. One case and one burger at a time.