Felony Drug Charges Are Difficult to Navigate, But Can Be Dropped with the Aid of The Right Attorney

RICHMOND, VA, February 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, “1.16 million Americans are arrested annually for the sale, manufacture or possession of illegal substances.” Of this number, approximately a quarter of a million people face jail time because of drug charges. While a significant portion of this number face misdemeanor charges, many are charged with felonies.

Felony charges are often only presented to individuals who are accused of possessing an inordinate quantity of illicit substances for the purpose of consumption, trafficking, or continued production.

Felony drug charges can be challenging to drop or reduce to misdemeanors. However, with competent and experienced legal assistance, those charged with drug-related felonies can pursue a reduction or dismissal.

Attorneys who handle felony drug charges often examine the manner in which the accused was searched or arrested, as well as how their possessions were seized. This is done to ascertain whether there was any mishandling of justice and whether law enforcement abided by constitutional protocols.

Attorney Cody Villalon explains, “While felony drug charges are complex to navigate, it is possible to have them dropped. Those charged will need experienced and knowledgeable legal aid behind them.”

About Attorney Cody Villalon
Attorney Cody Villalon is an experienced and esteemed lawyer who has served the communities of Virginia for over a decade. Focusing on criminal and traffic defense, Villalon has accumulated the knowledge required to navigate complex legal parameters, such as felony drug charges.

As a solo practitioner, attorney Cody Villalon has the capacity and dedication to devote his firm’s time and resources to each case. With an emphasis on empathy, Villalon cares for each of his clients, their time, and their rights. Contact Attorney Cody Villalon at (804) 316-0765.

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