‘In The Now’ is a highly acclaimed series offering deep insights into the world of sales and marketing.

BOSTON, MA, June 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the world of sales, is the best product always the winner? That’s the tantalizing question at the heart of the latest episode of ‘In The Now,’ where host welcomes renowned sales strategist Raffi Yardemian for an enlightening conversation that aims to empower sales teams.

Yardemian, a seasoned outsourced and fractional VP of Sales, brings to the table a wealth of experience in cultivating high-performance sales teams. In the forthcoming episode, he delves into the intricacies of creating a winning sales process that enables even ordinary salespeople to excel in their roles and propel their companies towards exponential growth.

As Yardemian highlights, the key to triumphing in complex sales environments lies in the personal connections established between salespeople and their customers. “People buy from people,” Yardemian reiterates, underlining the significance of nurturing genuine relationships in the sales process.

To that end, he advocates for implementing an effective training structure that empowers salespeople to engage with their customers actively. By learning to ask the right questions, deliver compelling presentations, and identify the best fit for their customers, salespeople can truly optimize their performance and contribute to their companies’ success.

The ‘In The Now’ episode featuring Raffi Yardemian promises to be a must-watch for anyone invested in sales or aspiring to develop their sales acumen. Your input is highly valued and as such, viewers are encouraged to leave their feedback and thoughts in the comments section following the episode.

Join us for this illuminating conversation and discover how to transform your sales process into a winning formula.

‘In The Now’ is a highly acclaimed series offering deep insights into the world of sales and marketing. Each episode features industry leaders and experts discussing the latest trends, strategies, and practices that drive business growth.

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