Eileen Mendel is honored by the International Association of Who’s Who as one of America’s Most Influential Women for her outstanding achievements in Business.

CARLSBAD, CA, April 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Eileen Mendel is a pioneer in the field of business. She created her own path in a way many of us dream about; defying anyone who doubted her to create a legacy for future generations in business.

Mendel grew up during a time where women weren’t taken as seriously when it came to leadership positions. There was a lack of resources at the time for her to take advantage of when it came to growing both as an individual and professionally, so she decided to create her own success through hard work and dedication.

Always having a connection to science, she earned her bachelor’s degree in biology at Wesleyan University before gaining her Master’s degree in Business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mendel utilized her extensive education to enter into the business sectors of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; she worked as a marketing executive for Bristol-Meyer’s Squibb and Berlex Biosciences. She gained a multitude of skills and strengths during the initial stages of her career, which led her to starting the Mendel Group Inc., where she served as the company’s chief executive officer for seven years.

The Mendel Group assisted Venture and Corporate-Funded Start-Up firms receive funding while helping them close business development deals. The Group also aided multiple Senior Executives working for Fortune 500 companies on essential projects. The Mendel group had trademarked processes as well as publishing five major books for the industry.

As Eileen grew professionally, she made it a point to make sure she was growing on a personal level as well. Growing up, the concept of self advocacy wasn’t really present for Mendel, as she was always taught to remain focused on the success she could achieve. After witnessing people close to her gain confidence, happiness, and success through their own self-improvement journeys, Mendel decided to do the same.

Eileen left the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000 and moved to Santa Fe with the idea of making a greater impact in the world—either through grass roots government channels or some other way that change individual’s lives positively. Her experience with government was disappointing because of the bureaucracy so she switched to working with technology start-ups and later to become a Wealth Advisor with a major firm. Again, there were too many politics getting in the way of making that impact.

So, Eileen began participating in multiple self-development seminars and workshops while practicing yoga and meditation as well as hiking in nature to reconnect with herself. This personal growth gave Mendel the confidence and energy to invest in herself and rework the way she viewed success and reaching her own full potential.

She applied her personal development to her professional life, and became a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, which she studied for four years. Becoming a life consultant wasn’t just a step towards Mendel’s individual journey, she wanted to help as many people as possible see the value in themselves and their set of skills to live the life they would love living.

This led to the creation of The Balanced Millionaire, a consulting firm that works to aid small to midsize businesses and their leaders achieve the highest level of growth and success while maintaining a healthy, low stress working environment.

Mendel’s unique approach to business has helped numerous individuals and their businesses find balance in professionalism and personal growth. She provides the tools and techniques needed to achieve success in all aspects of life, utilizing her slew of skills and experiences to create tailor-made solutions to fit the specific needs of each of her clients.

The Balanced Millionaire focuses on both the employer and the employee in the tech industry as well as biomedicine. The firm shapes some of the best biotech and technology companies by cultivating a healthy working culture, strengthening leaders, and emphasizing the importance of employee retention.

According to The Balanced Millionaire website, Mendel “guides transformational innovative technology business leaders who want to build profitable high growth businesses, live an abundant lifestyle and contribute to humanity on a daily basis. Leaders need support, motivation, and accountability to make breakthrough achievements beyond their current comfort zone. With the right support at hand, their goals will be accomplished much faster, more confidently, and with greater impact.”

Mendel offers group and one-on-one consulting services to create the best plans for the specific businesses she works with. Her role as a business leader assisting other leaders and employees create the healthiest working dynamic, is a niche position in a vast market of businesses looking to reach the highest level of success.

Mendel is known as a fixer, providing almost immediate turnarounds in the companies she assists with her knowledge. Her focus on improving the relationship between management and employees are integral for creating long-lasting relationships within the businesses that will best help it grow and prosper.

For example, many businesses have maintained a work-from-home strategy within the past few years, creating new challenges for employers when it comes to motivating their employees and maintaining a high level of energy, while also making sure every individual is taking care of themselves on a personal level.

She teaches management leaders how to maintain a high level of communication, support, and motivation, and takes a step-by-step approach which leads to a transformation in every working environment she works with. Most of the businesses see a work culture shift within just a few months of working with Mendel.

Mendel also utilizes her skills as a business consultant and life coach to provide advice through her blog, podcast “The Balanced Millionaire with Eileen Mendel,” and multiple speaking and guest positions on programs such as NPR, The San Jose Business Journal, and the San Francisco Business Journal.

If there’s one thing Mendel knows, it’s the importance of empowerment. She needed to empower herself to break the glass ceiling in a male-dominated world and become a leader for herself before she could successfully lead her business, and others who need general life and business coaching.

As she continues to grow herself and assist other biotech and technology companies grow in the healthiest and most successful ways, she looks towards future generations, and wants to leave a legacy that will teach them about the importance of self-help to become the best professional and personal version of themselves.

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