From Commercial Pilot to Influential Entrepreneur: Sabeer Nelli’s Journey to Revolutionize Payment Management for Small Businesses

TYLER, TX, May 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sabeer Nelli, a seasoned entrepreneur and Forbes Business official member, today shares his journey from a commercial pilot to an influential East Texas businessman with a vision to revolutionize payment management experience for small businesses.

Nelli’s entrepreneurial journey began at an early age, selling candies, mangoes, operating a cooking gas store, and even farming. Despite being disqualified from his career as a commercial pilot due to hearing issues, Nelli’s industrious spirit led him to create a diverse portfolio of businesses, including founding in 2005, which quickly grew into one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US, with over $60 million in revenue.

Challenges arose when managing payments with thousands of vendors who preferred different payment channels. The denial of access from his ACH transaction platform,, prompted him to create an all-in-one payment platform – This innovative solution targets SMBs, allowing micro-level access control for users.

Nelli’s vast experience in finance and the small business sector, including owning more than 14 Western Union branches and being an ATM processor in East Texas, equipped him to build platforms like,, and His experience in money transfer and banking services and his advanced Fintech course from Harvard University positioned him to transform the traditional check writing and ACH landscape.

Sabeer Nelli is a member of the US Faster Payment Council, Nacha, the Business Payment Coalition of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve Fednow Community. Despite his contributions to the fintech sector, Nelli’s passion for the hospitality industry continues to thrive. His ventures under TylerPetroleum, such as restaurants, smart laundries, fuel stations, mini supermarkets, truck stops, and check-cashing facilities, are operated by a team of 200 employees who share his vision of providing quality products and services.

Nelli’s passion extends beyond business. He is an active volunteer for the City of Tyler Police Department in Texas, and he dedicates time to farming in Texas, a practice he learned from his grandfather. Residing on a ranch, Nelli raises various animals and keeps beehives for personal use.

Looking ahead, Nelli aims to continue innovating, providing essential software solutions paired with the latest technology. His platforms, including,, and, blend technology with financial solutions, providing digital payment software for businesses and consumers, preventing forged, unauthorized, and fake checks, and automating the reconciliation of uncleared/cleared checks.

With a client-centric business model, Sabeer Nelli continues to revolutionize the traditional payment landscape, prioritizing customer testimonials and customer experience. His focus on offering value to the common man while adapting to the continuously changing digital environment showcases his dedication to creating new business ideas for the next generation.

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