For Delivering Cost-Effective, Custom Solutions for Global Greenhouse Agriculture

GUANGHAN, CHINA, April 06, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — INSONSHADE, an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of high-quality greenhouse climate curtains, sunshade fabrics, and protective nets, has recently launched its efficient and diverse climate screen series to efficiently control greenhouse climate in agricultural production.

The climate screen, an essential component in commercial greenhouse systems, must cater to a variety of needs to efficiently manage temperature, light, and energy consumption levels inside the greenhouse, ultimately boosting plant growth. In response, INSONSHADE has introduced a range of climate screen series, including Aluminum Sunshade/Insulation Screens (AS series), Transparent Energy-Saving Screens (SES series), Greenhouse Light-Diffusing Screens (LDS series), Greenhouse Aluminum Reflective Screens (ALS series), Greenhouse Blackout Screens (LRS series), and Black & White Reflective Sunshade Screens (B/W series).

The INSONSHADE climate screen series consists of multiple models, each designed to address specific needs for greenhouse plant cultivation. For example, the AS series comprises 10 distinct models, which offer a range of energy-saving rates (20-70%), light transmission percentages (5-48%), and shading rates (52-95%). One such model, the AS55, provides a 58% energy-saving rate, a 45% light transmission rate in sunlight, and a 55% shading rate, making it suitable for plants that require moderate light levels and energy conservation, such as leafy greens, herbs, and shade-tolerant flowering plants. It helps prevent issues like leaf scorching or loss of flavor that may arise from excessive light exposure.

Besides their specific performance attributes, the INSONSHADE climate screen series demonstrates remarkable stability and durability. The screens come with adaptable stripe widths and exhibit a shrinkage rate below 1% in high-temperature environments, guaranteeing consistent performance and dependability over time.

Currently, INSONSHADE climate screen products are in use in commercial greenhouses in China and the Middle East. Their products have obtained various international quality certifications, such as ISO9001, Australian sunshade fabric test report, SGS test report, AWTA test report, QMS, and EMS certification.

John, the CEO of INSONSHADE, said, “Our goal is to provide the best planting environment for commercial greenhouses to meet the growing global demand for agriculture. Our products have an extremely high-cost performance, using 100% original materials and being certified by multiple international certification bodies, ensuring the highest standards of quality.”


Founded in 1990, INSONSHADE has transitioned from a yarn-producing factory to a specialist in sunshade nets, climate curtains, agricultural sunshade fabrics, and building sunshade products. With factories mainly in southwest China for cost-effectiveness, the company aims to provide sunshade products and services worldwide, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for clients while adapting to their evolving needs.

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