ROM Technologies™ offers groundbreaking rehabilitation equipment for patients recovering from major and minor orthopedic surgery.

BROOKFIELD, CT, May 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — ROM Technologies™ offers groundbreaking rehabilitation equipment for patients recovering from major and minor orthopedic surgery.

Founder and CEO Peter Arn has made sure that ROMTech® has become a leader in medical innovations for surgery recovery, especially with machines like its PortableConnect®. This device allows patients to participate in remote physical therapy multiple times a day, to speed up their recovery.

PortableConnect and other ROMTech products improve quality of life by reducing recovery time for patients across the board.

Patient and Surgeon Reviews Speak for Themselves.

Dr. Eric Slotkinan, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroplasties of the hip, knee, and shoulder, is sold on PortableConnect for his knee replacement patients and uses the tool for some hip replacement patients as well.

Slotkinan attests that PortableConnect maximizes his patients’ recovery while minimizing the hassle associated with it. Many, he claims, make a game of their at-home therapy sessions.

In another review, Cheryl, a PortableConnect patient, got phenomenal results during her recovery. She claims to have an increased range of motion and reduced swelling weeks before her doctor expected.

PortableConnect benefits patients on many levels. Here are a few reasons why patients and their doctors love it:

It can be used by anyone recovering from total knee replacement, total hip replacement, joint manipulations, or ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury.
Patients recover in half the time, on average.
Patients can complete their therapy from the safety and privacy of their home.
ROMTech offers telemedicine technology with remote clinical oversight, which keeps patients and doctors connected regularly.
The device offers fully customizable therapy protocols.
Patients experience better pain management, with less pain and less need for pain-management drugs.

PortableConnect is covered by Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, Tricare, and many commercial insurances.

Orthopedic rehab technology sounds like it would cost a pretty penny, but it’s actually comparable to the cost of traditional physical therapy.

And, for the price, patients tend to get a lot more than they would with traditional physical therapy.

A representative delivers the device to the patient’s door and programs it so that it is customized to their needs. After a tutorial, the patient has complete control of their own physical therapy.

Most PortableConnect plans include 3–5 sessions per day for 3–6 weeks. That’s far more contact than the 1–3 physical therapy sessions patients would get per week with traditional recovery practices.

With ROMTech, Peter Arn has set out to change the orthopedic recovery industry. As an entrepreneur, he specializes in elevating early-stage and lower-middle-market companies to a higher level of production and profit.

When he co-founded ROMTech, he served in multiple roles, demonstrating that he would do whatever it takes to improve patients’ recovery time.

Countless rave reviews from doctors and patients prove that he continues to succeed.

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