A still rather unknown water brand from South America was the big surprise at the annual Water Taste Awards in Athens, Greece. The panel of six judges from five different countries granted the Paraguayan mineral water top scores.

ATHENS, GREECE, May 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Carsten Pfau, a professional investor who bought the company in 2021, was delighted after the event.

“The judges tested and tasted over one hundred different mineral waters today, and they gave NYNE a top score. One judge even granted it a perfect score of 100 points, and the highly respected founder of the Fine Water Society, Dr. Mascha, gave it 99 points. I am very happy with the results, we did not expect such a big success,” said Pfau during the formal dinner of the event.

“The judges did not see the bottles, they did not know which brands they were tasting, so it means a lot to us that they rated it so high. If you had asked me before the event, I would have been a little more cautious, simply because the panel who does the tasting is known for being very critical and quite demanding when it comes to water, and trust me, they know water. You cannot fool them, they just know. I was not nervous during the ceremony, but you could not help but being a little tense. When we realized that we passed the test, so to speak, our entire team was extremely happy. I for myself felt relieved, since this result confirms our decision to invest in the company, and our goal to export it around the world,” Pfau explained.

“At this event we also met distributors from many different countries, an they all liked our water, they loved the design of our bottle. Many told us they wanted to include NYNE into their portfolio, something an investor truly wants to hear. This event was a big success for us, and it gives us even more confidence to increase the investment in this brand, and to carry it to many countries.”

When asked about the strategy behind the investment decision, the real estate tycoon responded:

“I am convinced that water may soon become even more valuable than is oil today. The world’s population is growing constantly, and clean, healthy drinking water is more and more a problem for many people in the world. The so-called purified water -that comes out of a desalination plant- is ok to cover the most basic human needs, but it usually lacks taste, it lacks minerals. People are getting more and more conscious about water, even in highly developed countries, they want to drink water that has a great taste, and additional health benefits. Companies like ours can provide that. In Paraguay, we have abundant water, in fact it is one of the water-richest countries in the world, and the quality is just great. There is a strong demand for natural mineral water, and we think that this demand will grow even more in the near future.”

Concerning the current trend to drink water with a high pH level, Carsten Pfau commented:

“Our water has a naturally high pH level of 9.6, which means that it is naturally alkaline. That is in fact quite rare, most so-called alkaline waters have artificially increased pH levels, which is of course quite different from a purely natural product. As far as I know, alkaline water allows a much faster hydration than regular water, which is good news for athletes, but also for the average person who just wants to stay hydrated. I travel a lot, and it is astounding how easily you can dehydrate on an airplane. High pH water is much more effective during flights. Furthermore, water with high pH levels can help balancing drinks that tend to be acidic, such as coffee or many alcoholic beverages. And when you order some water with your glass of wine, make sure that the water is of the same high quality as is your wine. Many water brands with high pH levels have a strong, bitter aftertaste, almost like metal. Ours is different, which may come from the silica richness. It tastes rather sweet and soft, not at all like other high pH water brands. I know that alkaline nutrition in general is currently being researched by many scientists, and we hear some very promising first results coming out. However, the water needs to convince the customers, and with great taste and great bottle design, we manage to do just that.”

NYNE mineral water from Paraguay will soon become a force to be reckoned with.

Nyne comes from underground freshwater reservoirs in Paraguay, from the fracture of basaltic rocks of volcanic origin, and is bottled in a totally natural way until it reaches the final consumer.

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