Lilah Shapiro receives $2,500 in academic financial support.

ATLANTA, GA, April 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Silver Dollar Financial takes pride in offering financial assistance to personal injury victims. The team’s Disaster Relief Scholarship strives to make financial support available to students whose academic opportunities suffered in the face of a natural disaster.

This year, Silver Dollar Financial awarded its Disaster Relief Scholarship to Lilah Shapiro. Lilah Shapiro and her family survived the 2018 Kilauea lava flow disaster on Hawai’i’s Big Island. In her scholarship essay, Shapiro writes:

“…my home and entire neighborhood were covered by 80 feet of lava. Not
one home was spared, not one inch of land [was] left untouched by Pele’s wrath. We were homeless. Everything was gone: the place where I took my first steps, played mermaids with my little sister in the ocean, collected shells on black sand beaches, hiked up Green Mountain for sunrise, and experienced every happy moment.”

Shapiro highlights her grief and her family’s struggle in the aftermath of the lava flow. Moreover, Shapiro discusses the immense strength she relied on to recover from her family’s losses. Shapiro reports returning to school and excelling alongside her family. She discusses her diligent pursuit of hula, cross country, and her artistic hobbies.

Most notably, Shapiro shares stories about her time as a full-time Youth Ranger at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. She relied on her experience with the 2018 Kilauea lava flow disaster to de-exoticize lava to visitors and encourage the safe observation of Hawai’i’s natural features. Shapiro reports sharing her story with over 60 people per day, despite the memories of loss that it regularly stirred within her.

Today, Shapiro studies Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies at Lewis and Clark College. She intends to pursue a career as a marine biologist and professor upon her graduation. It’s her goal to encourage natural conservation efforts while exploring new ways to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and related natural disasters.

Silver Dollar Financial applauds Shapiro’s resilience and celebrates her receipt of the Disaster Relief Scholarship’s $2,500 financial reward. The team looks forward to seeing how Shapiro will change the face of marine biology and environmental conservation in the years to come.

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