Global Leader in Field Service Management Solutions shares its findings based on discussions and interactions with clients and field service management industry leaders

BERLIN, GERMANY, March 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — During a recent virtual press event, led by Phillip Inberg, CFO & Director of scheduling and management at Berlin-based TillerStack, the company shared its findings from their review and analysis of industry trends. Invites to the event, also live cast to a wider audience, included field service solutions industry partners, technology companies, and client representatives.

Welcoming attendees to the session, Mr. Inberg shared a presentation based on data, collated and analyzed by corporate researchers, about how more companies are now looking to better plan, organize, and manage their field staff: “The global pandemic has highlighted to the industry that it’s not always feasible, economical, nor necessary, to have a full team of service technicians present onsite for a service request. With today’s state-of-the-art technology, like those leveraged by TillerStack’s field service tracking software, remote field service technician support has always been an option.”

According to data shared at the event, the company is now receiving more inquiries from prospective clients about how to enable remote assistance for their service teams. Because service delivery teams are looking to optimize staff in-person visits, they’re finding virtual assistance – through TillerStack features like On-Site Remote Assist – a better alternative.

Speaking at the event, Özgür Demir, Technical Lead and Project Manager at TillerStack, told participants that, now that most organizations have seen how it works, remote assistance to field service staff is here to stay: “State-of-the-art tools, like Video Calls, Video Recording, Augmented Reality Integration, and remotely accessible Knowledge Databases, augment traditional technician management software tools. This, then, generates greater performance improvement in responding teams, while also producing time and cost savings for both client and service delivery organizations.”

In-person service calls don’t just chew-up actual service time, they also require planning, monitoring, project management, and coordination. The more personnel that go into the field, the greater the support needed by in-field teams. Now, instead of tying-up scarce field technician resources on every service call, companies can use highly-skilled resources, remotely, to supplement in-person visiting teams through technology.

In his closing comments, Mr. Inberg reiterated that remote field service management is a trend that’s now entrenched. The quicker service orgs begin pivoting to that reality, using TillerStack’s integrated field service tools, the faster they’ll benefit from higher ROI on their operations.

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