Hydroplaning can be terrifying. Understanding how to manage the situation may save you and other road users.

BUFFALO, NY, May 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hydroplaning occurs when your car tires skid along a wet road surface, causing you to lose control. Vehicle tires are designed to have treads, to increase friction and traction by giving the tire a firm grip on the road surface and channeling water from beneath the tire. However, on certain occasions, water is pushed under the tire faster than the tread can separate it, causing the tire to lose contact with the road surface and slide uncontrollably upon a film of water. This loss of control often leads to car crashes with a high risk of injuries to the driver and other road users.

What Causes Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning commonly occurs when the roads are wet, usually after a downpour or when there are water puddles along driving lanes. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, about 24% of car accidents are related to the weather, with wet pavement and rain accounting for the largest percentage. Other factors can increase the risk of hydroplaning, such as driving with worn-out tires, driving at high speeds, being too close to the adjacent vehicle and turning on cruise control.

Follow These Tips if Your Car Hydroplanes

If your car begins to hydroplane, do not panic. Instead, observe the following safety tips to quickly recover control of the vehicle:
1. Steer in the direction of the slide: Calmly turn your steering wheel in the same direction your car is sliding. This helps to keep your front wheels pointed straight down the road.
2. Slowly take your foot off the accelerator: This will help to slow down your car until you sense the tires have traction again.
3. Never jam the brakes: Sudden braking can be dangerous as it increases your skid, causing your car to go more out of control.
4. Steer to a free space: Keeping your face ahead, steer towards a space where there is no danger of colliding with other road users.

Who Is To Blame in a Hydroplaning Accident?

Hydroplaning can happen to anyone, anywhere, and the blame may not always go to the driver. Attorney John Feroleto says, “The several factors involved when a car hydroplanes means parties may share liability in the event of an accident.” These include other drivers, tire manufacturers, car mechanics and agencies in charge of road maintenance.

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