‘The party game Confetti is gaining popularity at parties and gatherings making it a public favourite’

November 16, 2020 – First launched in 2019, Confetti aimed at being an interactive party game for a gathering of friends and succeeded at it. Since then “Let’s Play Confetti” echoed as the go-to phrase at parties and friendly gatherings.

Confetti regards itself as ‘The Ultimate Party Game’ and this does not only go for words but also because it is an interactive game. The game has many challenging riddles, hilarious tasks quiz questions that a group of friends can enjoy and cherish. It is nothing but joy and fun when it comes to Confetti and Confetti makes sure that you experience a party that would be hard to forget but an excited friend might have to calm his nerves and wait for his turn.

Confetti assures that there will be no more couch boredom at parties, and no more complex games with ‘Let’s Play Confetti’. An additional benefit of the game is that it consists of no pop-ups, no ongoing subscriptions, and no advertising. The Ultimate Game Confetti is a blend of games like “I’ve never had”, group votes, tasks, quizzes, struggles, screwed, and Choicestress. 

Let’s Play Confetti – How to Play

As a user installs Confetti, he or she is asked to put in names of the players and can add up to 300 players to play the game, however, a minimum of 3 players are required to play the game. Confetti recommends having a gathering with whom the game remains enjoyable and exciting as opposed to dying of boredom. The next step is to select a level on a scale of 1-4 stars. After selecting the level, users have the option to select between 4 different game modes:

      • Mix – a mix of all categories.

      • Knowledge – comprising of the categories Quiz, Round, Note, The king, and The jerk. 

      • Exciting – including categories Truth, Mission, Note, The king, and The jerk. and last but not least,

      • Fun – covering the categories Choicestress, Note, Round, Battle, Mission, The king, and The jerk.

In-game Purchases:

Confetti also consists of optional in-game purchases that offer a one-time-only subscription if users wish to add more questions to the account. The two packages offered are:

      • 2x as many questions at € 2.99

      • 4x as many questions at € 4.99

When logging in to a new device, there exists an option that allows the user to always restore purchases.

For more information, visit https://letsplayconfetti.com.

Download confetti from Play Store and App Store.

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