TuneFab introduces TuneFab Deezer Music Converter to enable users to enjoy Deezer music freely by downloading DRM-protected Deezer songs and playlists and converting them to MP3 and other convenient formats at a fast speed with one click.

HONG KONG, March 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — TuneFab provides users with a fabulous experience of listening to songs and music of celebrated artists and eliminates DRM restrictions to enjoy it anytime.

After many selected platforms like Audible Audiobooks, iTunes, Spotify, Audible, Apple Music, Amazon, and Pandora, TuneFab has introduced Deezer Music Converter to bless the subscribers of Deezer Music with DRM-free songs and music.

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter extracts users’ chosen songs, albums, and podcasts at a lossless original playback quality to MP3, saving them offline on their devices forever. Furthermore, it works on Windows and Mac PCs smoothly.

The software downloads, converts, and exports Deezer music at high speed and preserves metadata information and original ID3 tags to play and enjoy Deezer music and songs anywhere.

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter Core Functions

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter strives to build a fabulous experience and eases the digital lives of users for free by providing a brand new and remarkable DRM-free way to enjoy music and video.

#1. Strips Deezer music restrictions for convenient playback

Deezer Music has millions of high-quality songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts. But these audio files are DRM-protected, restricting the users from downloading FLAC formats and sharing with others. TuneFab Deezer Music Converter removes the encryption protection and enables users to play the downloaded music on different media players and devices like SD cards, USBs, portable MP3 players, etc.

#2. Downloads Deezer music, songs, albums, and podcasts for free

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter lets users download and save songs, albums, podcasts, and entire playlists at up to 320 kbps and 48000 hz to Windows and Mac devices. It takes barely seconds to download single tracks and saves complete playlists in no time. Just drag and drop solo tracks or full playlists, and the user-friendly program does the process effortlessly.

Users can download original high-fidelity Deezer songs for lossless offline playbacks. Simply change the output format to WAV and select the bitrate parameter and highest sample rate from the advanced settings.

#3. Converts and exports Deezer songs to multiple formats

Whether a user needs to download Deezer songs, albums, playlists, or podcasts, TuneFab Deezer Music Converter comes in handy. The program enables users to convert the audio tracks to common audio formats of WAV, MP3, FLAC, and M4A to transfer and play on any media device.

#4. Supports saving entire playlists at 10x super high speed

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter comes with advanced hardware acceleration technology to ensure bulk downloads. This way, the program’s download speed boosts up to ten times, and the track and complete playlists downloads in under seconds. The speed also depends on the user’s network connection and computer hardware. The better the PC GPU and performance of the network condition, the faster the download speed is.

#5. Preserves metadata information and original ID3 tags

Preserving metadata information is of great help to users in managing their downloaded media content efficiently. TuneFab Deezer Music Converter helps retain original ID3 tags such as song title, artist name, album title, album cover artwork, and more (excluding WAV format) to manage the downloaded songs easily. Users can also move these songs to an MP3 player, play them in the car through USB and know which song is being played currently.

Highlighted Features of TuneFab Deezer Music Converter

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter is a trustworthy and excellent program to download Deezer music to MP3 format and achieve an enormous range of music for users to enhance their music experience. Instead, secondary editing on the music is also available for the users.

The software has a simple, clean, and intuitive user interface that eases its use for beginners and professionals alike and supports various languages such as French, Chinese, German, English, and Japanese for customers across the world.

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter has a built-in Deezer web player embedded in the program to download original HiFi Deezer songs and playlists directly with one click in a straightforward and smooth manner.

The TuneFab program is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 and higher and works seamlessly and flawlessly on Windows 7 and higher versions like Windows 10/11 (64-bit).

The program constantly improves itself to provide users with the latest updates, frequently releases the newest feature improvements, and deals with any bugs promptly. Users can even seek help from the team by submitting a detailed request or contacting them through its media handles. Its reliable support team is active 24 x 7 to respond to emails and assist users in their queries. With free lifetime upgrades, it ensures a higher conversion success rate.

Pricing and Availability of Tune Fab Deezer Music Converter

TuneFab Deezer Music Converter is for personal and non-commercial use. The program runs flawlessly on Windows and Mac PCs. It allows a free trial of 30 days in its “try before you buy” policy to ensure its users get the complete working of its features and rich functions and evaluate the software before making a purchase decision.

Once the trial period comes to an end, people can subscribe to its convenient and flexible pricing policies to keep the downloading experience going smoothly.

The software enables its users with monthly and yearly subscription plans and a one-time payment of a lifetime plan. All the plans get access to full features and free updates for the set duration. People can unlock the Deezer music downloads at these plans:

One month plan: USD 14.95 for one month and 1 PC/1 Mac

One Year Plan: USD 49.95 for one year and 1 PC/1 Mac

Perpetual plan (One-time payment): USD 79.95 for a lifetime and 1 PC/1 Mac

The payments are 100 percent secured, and users can use JCB, Discover, American Express, Maestro card, VISA card, Master card, Apple Pay, and more to make their purchases.

All the plans come with a cancellation option and a 30-day money-back guarantee so that users can unsubscribe at any time, provided their reason is in accordance with the program’s refund policy.

About TuneFab

TuneFab has been delivering seamless services to users and entertaining them with smooth and seamless DRM-free music since 2016. TuneFab ensures users fully control their digital music and purchased videos by developing better-qualified and user-friendly programs with frequent updates for customers. The software is active with 1 million users. It has gained the trust of 200 media sites with several products under its kitty, such as TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, TuneFab Apple Music Converter, TuneFab Audible Converter, and more. The software desires to build a better future for digital users.

Official Website: https://www.tunefab.com/
Contact email: support@tunefab.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TuneFab-Studio-1683211828648906/
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/TuneFab
YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1ihaVwtbE-i0vdFKYBMKw

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