Las Vegas, June 18, 2020: ASAP Financial Solutions, LLC became one of the top 10 Credit Repair Companies, standing strong throughout the pandemic.

The Covid-19 infections put the entire world at risk, not only to health but also financial stability. A countless number of people have fallen into debt, lost jobs, and a number of troubling situations. These failures in repayment of credits caused a lot of people to face declination in terms of loans and credits. In times of financial crisis and instability, it is these credit providers that are sought but due to failure of timely payment the chances of individuals getting a loan or credit sanctioned drops down as their credit score takes a turn for the low. These financial institutions that offer loan services grant you services solely based on your credit score. Here are when credit repair companies come into play. 

ASAP Financial Solutions is one such organization that takes up the task of repairing your credit scores, providing tax services, financial education, and much more. To date, ASAP Financial Solutions has helped over a thousand families to make their dream come true at the least possible interest rates. May it be buying a house, a car, establishing a business, or just getting educated in finance, ASAP can help you with all. “All I can say is Amazing after having someone else working on my credit score for a year and not seeing improvement then working with ASAP and seeing my score go up 70+points in 30 days – all I can say is Amazing! Thank you Kandy.”, says Brittany Jackson, a client with ASAP Financial Solutions LLC.

About ASAP Financial Solutions, LLC

ASAP Financial Solutions was started by Candace ‘Kandy’ Dugas at a kitchen table in 2018. Kandy has been living in Las Vegas for the past 13 years but is a native of the Bay Area. Kandy is a proud single mother of 5 girls and also a grandmother to 4. Kandy always wanted to be a business owner and thought that she would end up being a hairdresser as she started doing hair at a young age. Having all daughters, she decided that doing hair was not what she wanted. She had little faith in herself but even though she decided to quit her 9-5 and opened her first office in June 2019. She happened to open another office in March 2020 during the COVID pandemic. “I know what it’s like to be in a financial crisis, so I relate so much to my clients. I pride myself on being result driven and that’s why my company excelled to fast at being one of the top companies in this industry,” says Kandy.

As of now, Kandy owns and operates ASAP Financial Solutions, LLC, ASAP Tax & Notary, and in the process of adding Life insurance as well.

Media Contact
Company Name: Asap Financial Solutions, LLC
Address: 5000 W Oakey Blvd Suite A3-7 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: 877-272-7069