High Rise Financial offers a Financial Education PSA Scholarship Program for post-secondary students.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — High Rise Financial, a reliable legal funding company, offers a Financial Education PSA Scholarship Program for post-secondary students. In line with the company’s commitment to supporting financial literacy, High Rise Financial is providing undergraduate and graduate students with a $1,500 scholarship to help them become more financially free, with a submission deadline of June 15, 2023.

As an authorized lender dedicated to providing risk-free pre-settlement legal funding, High Rise Financial understands the need for more adults across the nation to become financially stable. The company wants to ensure that students in post-secondary educational institutions gain a solid understanding of their personal finances and other financial matters. High Rise also supports access to the required knowledge, information, and resources to become more financially literate.

In an official statement, the company’s spokesperson mentioned that the Financial Education PSA Scholarship Program is available to current and incoming undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarship program aims to provide students with an avenue to enlighten their fellows in an area of financial literacy that interests them. High Rise Financial remains committed to ensuring that adults in the United States are financially literate and can make informed monetary decisions.

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“We are happy to offer this financial education scholarship program to students across America. We believe this would present a huge opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to know more about their personal finances and become more financially stable. The importance of being financially literate in our society today cannot be overemphasized. Our company aims to continue offering scholarship opportunities, grants, and funding as we advocate for financial literacy,” says a representative of High Rise Financial, LLC.

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants need to choose a topic related to financial literacy and craft a persuasive and informative PSA according to the guidelines found on the Financial Education PSA Scholarship page. The winning submission, selected by the company’s scholarship selection committee, will receive $1,500. As an advocate of financial literacy, High Rise Financial wants to help contribute to the industry at an educational level. Only students who submit their entries before the deadline (June 15, 2023) will be considered.

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