New ESG carbon emissions product lowers the carbon cost of wasteful marketing practices

PALO ALTO, CA, March 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Motiva AI today announced Motiva Carbon Counter™, a new product built into Motiva Dark Pool Cleanup that dynamically measures the carbon cost of email marketing programs and removes wasteful emails. Carbon Counter goes beyond existing measurement tools and calculators to give enterprise marketing teams a specific, real-time view of the carbon impact of their marketing, and specific actions they can take to lower that impact.

“Company boards and executives are taking climate change and are asking for greater transparency, measurement, and accountability,” says David Gutelius, Founder and CEO at Motiva AI. “It’s never been more important for marketing teams to understand the climate impact of what they do and cut wherever they can.”

“Motiva Carbon Counter ties directly best practices in marketing – the kinds of things marketers should be doing but are often too difficult to put into practice. But by making the carbon cost of email marketing visible, marketers now have both the data and tools to take action,” said Gutelius.

Features and benefits of Motiva Carbon Counter™ include:
– Total current Email marketing Carbon Costs in C02e to understand climate impact
– Tight integration with Motiva’s Dark Pool Cleanup™ quality scoring
– Calculation of Wasted Carbon Cost, based on wasted email sends
– Rich reporting and visualizations to support enterprise-grade ESG requirements

Motiva has also released a preview calculator that can be used to estimate your email marketing’s current climate impact at:

Motiva Carbon Counter will roll out current Dark Pool Cleanup customers in Q2 of 2023. For more on our methodology, see

Motiva AI is a leader in ethical AI for marketing. Motiva serves some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Blackrock, Agilent, PTC, and others, with AI-driven productivity tools that improve digital engagement.

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