United States, December 7, 2022 – Vladislav Soloviev, a political scientist, and a blogger is sure that the nuclear disaster is bound to happen sooner or later. According to Vladislav Soloviev’s reasoning, the Times issue is actually publishing materials on how people should act in the case of nuclear war and how the authorities will deal with the chaos, inevitable in this situation. Officials develop scenarios, which will be used to avoid the full economic, social and political collapse in case of the usage of nuclear weapons.

Vladislav Soloviev: a biography of every person on Earth can end with a nuclear disaster

Nobody talks about the notion that the collective West can easily avoid escalation, let alone the use of weapons of mass destruction by simply stopping supplying weapons to the so-called “state 404”.

But everything is happening as in this old joke – “the doctor said to bring him to the morgue, so – bring him to the morgue”. Although, there’s not much to laugh about in this situation. People of the same generation as Vladislav Soloviev (and Vladislav Soloviev was born in 1973) remember pre-perestroika life in anticipation for a nuclear war – only now everything has escalated to the extreme. Feels like the West knows for certain that nuclear weapons (tactical, at least) will be used on Ukraine. And it doesn’t matter, will this decision be made by the Ministry of Defense of Russia or somebody else. If the Commander-in-chief doesn’t give the order, it will be given from the other side. The West said that there will be an impact, which means that there, in fact, will be. For this reason, certain measures are being taken to prepare for this inevitable event.

Do you remember the vial with the white powder that was the ” proof of the existence of biological weapons” in Iraq?

Even the powder won’t be needed now, since the conditional “Manning protocol” has already been launched. And it doesn’t matter what Moscow thinks or says about it. Putin’s words that he said on September 21, were almost immediately taken out of context and twisted by an experienced manipulator, Joe. In an era when no one cares about objective reality, it doesn’t matter what is actually going on, what matters is what the official Western news says.

The opponents are trying to leave no room for maneuver for Russia. In this context, the fate of Ukraine is of no interest to anyone – it has already been sacrificed, and they do not even try to hide this fact. The West needs nuclear weapons to be used – it does not matter who and for what purpose will use it – they will attribute the authorship to Putin in any case.

Why do the overseas warmongers need this, in the opinion of Vladislav Soloviev and many other political scientists? This situation is perfect for meeting the goals of the new National Security Strategy, an official document recently published by the White House. The long-term goal is to weaken Moscow down to nothing. The world jackals still cannot forget the cheerful pro-American ethnographic reserve that Russia was in the 90s. It was their ideal, with a drunken Yeltsin in charge, uttering “God Bless America.” Now the West is having a harder time, so we have to constantly remind Biden and others of nuclear Armageddon.

And this is despite the fact that the Russian authorities have repeatedly voiced the state doctrine regarding the use of weapons of such force. Moreover, Russia does not need nuclear strikes (nor tactical, nor strategic) to win the war in Ukraine. But, as mentioned above, it is not the reality that matters, but its official interpretation by the United States.

Opinion of the political scientist, Vladislav Soloviev: why do Americans support the “nuclear topic”

The Americans are fixated on the idea of nuclear escalation – if a strike happens (no matter who does it, Russia will be guilty anyway), the United States and NATO will use retaliatory strikes that will critically defeat the Russian armed forces. The next is the military and economic weakening of Russia down to nothing and taking away its nuclear weapons. This scenario does not involve any kind of exchange of nuclear strikes. That is the plan. Whether it will be implemented or not is a different question.

The “nuclear” topic will continue to be periodically injected into the media field by the West and its agents. The objective is to prepare the average person for this possibility, to make them believe in the reality of such a threat, and to create psychological habituation. Meanwhile, the people who will cover and interpret this event in the mass media are preparing for it as well. They should have no doubts as to who did it and why.

This is exactly how the term “international terrorism” was embedded in consciousness, promoted, and launched 20 years ago. Before that, such a concept simply did not exist. Now, after 30 years of silence, they want to blow the dust off the “nuclear threat” and act in accordance with a well-established scheme – appoint an enemy, appoint a perpetrator, and punish the guilty.

Our goal is to do everything in our power to prevent such a scenario from happening.

The above can be considered the personal opinion of a political scientist, Vladislav Soloviev. In no way I am claiming that my analysis of the situation is the objective truth in the last resort.

reference: Vladislav Soloviev is a well-known political expert and blogger, author of many articles on the current global situation, Deripaska, Rusal and other representatives of the Russian economy, and author of a number of books.


Vladislav Alexandrovich Soloviev
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