The Ally Ring Launches Today – Be a Part of Creating More Unity & Equality For All

SONOMA, CA, January 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Ally Ring non-profit movement launches on Martin Luther King’s birthday, with its unique approach to helping solve crucial social justice problems. Ally Ring Founder Robert MacPhee believes the key to making real progress is by engaging people who are more aware than ever before of these issues and don’t know what to say or do to be part of the solution.

It all started with a lightbulb moment that happened for MacPhee when social justice issues were forced into the media these past four years, starting with the terrible tragedy of George Floyd. His conversations with his daughter, a staunch social justice advocate, helped him realize he had something important to offer.

He made a commitment to his daughter that he would create a nonprofit that would help people come together and be a part of the solution. Much work needs to be done to create more unity and equality when it comes to education, housing, income, and healthcare.

It’s not just another nonprofit organization. It’s about getting more solution-oriented, well-meaning people into action and actively involved in these kinds of conversations, giving them the information, resources, and encouragement they need to know what to say or do to be really helpful.

The goals are to raise money for other organizations doing powerful social justice work, create a community of like-minded people who will come together to help solve social justice problems and keep those people engaged on an ongoing basis.

It starts with a donation. Ally Ring raises funds by soliciting donations that are shared with carefully vetted organizations doing powerful social justice work.

Then each donor receives a beautiful and distinctive silicone ring that reminds them of their commitment to being a more effective ally to people who have been marginalized due to race, gender, sexual identity, disabilities, or any other reason.

After someone donates, they are immediately a part of the Ally Ring community and will receive ongoing support. The work of the Ally Ring team is delivering the information, resources, accountability, and encouragement that community members need, inspiring them to take consistent action that makes a difference.

Serious social justice problems cannot be solved by any one person. Ally Ring believes the key to solving these issues is to engage genuinely caring people in critical conversations and inspire them to do their part.

“Together, we can create a world where all people are treated equally, and everyone has access to equal opportunities,” says MacPhee. “We just need to get more of the right people involved and give them the support and encouragement they need.”

The Ally Ring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to creating a world where all people get equal treatment and have equal opportunities. For more information, visit

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