Janvi Ghatalia

Janvi Ghatalia – The Incredible fashion designer

From handbags to clothes, Janvi Ghatalia does it all. Janvi, fashion designer born and raised in Mumbai, India moved to New York City to further her fashion career in 2014. She started with small collaborations, which slowly turned into something bigger than imagined. With Janvi’s ability to work the fashion world with her new and distinctive style, she immediately took it by storm.

She began working at Hanley NYC is summer 2015, where she designed the clothes, handbags, scarfs, belts and many more accessories. Most of Janvi’s designs have now become an indispensable feature of the brand. Hanley, to this day, uses all the core essentials styles that Janvi was responsible for creating. Janvi revolutionised the construction of a button placket by giving it a new twist that is now found on all Hanley pieces. Two of these core essential pieces that Janvi designed appeared on the drama TV show GIRLS on HBO.

It goes without saying that Janvi understands the nitty-gritty ins and outs of the fashion work and is remarkably talented and outstanding. These days, the designer is directing her talents and time to a well-known New York based fashion house called Vince Camuto. Janvi Ghatalia definitely has a very bright, noteworthy future ahead of her and we are so very enthused to find out more.

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