The fashion industry has never been the one to hide its love for marijuana. Designers in the past have embraced stoner culture in past collections but now, fashion is finally ready to upgrade to the real deal. MARIJUANA TOWN USA, the womenowned company is creating the epitome of a mixed marriage. Marijuana and Fashion!

“It’s like pairing beauty and bliss,” said the owners of MARIJUANA TOWN USA. “Fashion and Marijuana both inspire a unique sense of empowerment and confidence. With these energies combined, the result is pure perfection.”

Ringing in the New Year with business savvy, MARIJUANA TOWN USA is ready to fill the gap of designer marijuana wear in 2018 and beyond. As more and more states make adult use of marijuana legal — both medically and recreationally — opportunities continue to appear, and those smart enough are capitalizing on this vogue.

“We are excited to lead the charge for a true ‘Marijuana Rush,’” said the owners of MARIJUANA TOWN USA. “The Marijuana Revolution that’s going on here in the US has the power to completely revitalize the fashion industry.”

Online only, MARIJUANATOWNUSA.COM will be expanding their line and you don’t want to miss it! The owners have been welcoming hostesses for all the celebrating states; mysteriously imply a grand 420 design explosion in 2018! They said, “With California getting their marijuana liberty, Coachella Fest fashion will even have a special sock in their honor!”

Each design is uniquely created and printed using sublimation printing technique. Then, the real fun begins! Naming the ‘newborn’. Out of the box thinking that brought the business to fruition also ignited a creativity that was carried forward into names such as VITAMIN M, THE EXECUTIVE, STONE SOUP, 420 FREEDOM, CASUAL FRIDAYS and more.

MARIJUANA TOWN USA appears to be a holiday gift to the owners. Being able to acquire the name was a sign they couldn’t ignore. Gift giving will be more joyous for all now!

For more information, please visit MARIJUANATOWNUSA.COM or email MARIJUANATOWNUSA@OUTLOOK.COM