King K liquid kratom shots are available now from trusted brand GRH Kratom. Now available for purchase as individual shots or in 15 pack ‘Crowns’. Find more details inside.

AUSTIN, TX, March 30, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — From GRH Kratom, King K Liquid Kratom Shots are a new product available in the powerlifting / bodybuilding scene. A strong, potent, and mild-tasting pre-workout kratom shot that’s on the market. Now, King K Shots are available to purchase online in 15 packs at a more affordable rate. These kratom extract shots are an energy boost for people looking for a quick and reliable option.

King K Liquid Kratom Shots are available in two strengths- Silver and Gold. King K Silver is the base option of the two and holds 150mg mitragynine, while Gold is double that with 300mg mitragynine content. Both these shots hold a hefty amount of the active alkaloid in kratom, and are made with kratom extract. Use caution and start slow. A recommended serving is one capful. 

Now, you can shop individual King K Shots, shop the Royal Pair (one of each Silver & Gold) or King K Crowns- 15 packs available with either 15 Silver or 15 Gold King K Shots inside. Plus, a better bang for your buck with these King K Crowns, as there’s a bit of a bulk discount already in the pricing. 

Conquer your to-do list with King K Liquid Kratom Shots, and experience the energizing power of kratom extracts.

What Sets King K Apart?

There’s already so much going on in the world of kratom shots. So why try King K? Here are some facts about King K Shots:

Black Pepper Extract

King K Shots are enhanced with Black Pepper Extract- this all-natural addition is one of the top potentiators of kratom. That means not only is this a kratom extract shot, the black pepper extract will make effects even more potent. King K uses the medley of black pepper + kratom extract to amplify the energy boost. That’s powerful. 

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Clean Flavor

With a combination of natural tropical flavors, customers who’ve tried them say that King K Shots may be one of the best-tasting kratom shot on the market. 

A Brand You Can Trust

King K is a subset of GRH Kratom- one of the longest-lasting kratom companies in the US. GRH Kratom started in 2017 with owner/founder/CEO Kemal Whyte, whose passion for natural wellness led him to starting both GRH Kratom and Grassroots Harvest, a sister company that manufactures hemp products. 


King K Shots are designed to be affordable, meant to fit with any budget. 

King K Silver- $17.99
King K Gold- $24.99
Silver Crown (15)- $250
Gold Crown (15)- $370

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Interested in carrying King K shots in a store? King K is available for wholesale across the US at competitive prices- contact GRH Kratom today and ask about trying King K RISK FREE today. Zero dollar upfront cost- test it out & see customers come back for more.

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About GRH Kratom:

GRH Kratom is a small kratom importer + manufacturer located in Austin, TX. Our company has a commitment to quality, purity, and safety, which is why all our products are third-party lab tested before they’re sent out to you.

We’ve been importing our kratom from the same family-owned farm in Indonesia since we opened and we maintain strong lines of communication with them throughout the year in order to ensure harvesting the best crop possible & avoiding over-farming. That’s what makes our kratom some of the best in the biz, in our opinion- we’re getting the freshest, finest produce straight from the source.

Learn more on our about us page here.

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