Boost your productivity sustainably with adaptogen, nutrition formula & amazing taste without sugar.

NEW YORK, NY, January 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Coffee, tea, soda, and more. We drink various beverages everyday as part of our lives. We are not as cautious about what we drink as much as eating, but recent research is saying that caffeine, sugar, and all other chemical components in our daily drinks can seriously impact our health. Read the full article to see how you can drink better.

It was not until recently that people are trying to drink healthy. But from smart consumers, checking nutrition fact, ingredient and functionality becomes not an option but essential. Silicon Valley’s next coffee substitute, functional mushroom coffee is a great example, and kombucha with probiotics lauded by celebrities is another.

DALAMHARI, the brand specialized in functional beverages such as ‘Superfood Tea’ & ‘Superfood Kombucha’ available on Amazon Launchpad, recently launched a new product line up called, ‘Superfood Latte’ through Indiegogo. Superfood Latte is the easiest wat to enjoy superfoods that are full of adaptogens. By just adding hot water, people can enjoy the rich flavor of latte with superfoods as a form of coffee, cocoa, matcha latte & chai latte.

Superfood Latte offers four flavors, and each of them has specific nutrition formula.
“Super Coffee Latte” blended with mushrooms can awake your brain potential within Vitamin D & magnesium formulation. “Super Matcha Latte” blended with ssuk(mugowrt) can promote concentration with its clearing mind effect. “Super Chai Latte” filled with jujube, ginger, licorice, and other medicinal herbs can warms the body and calms the mind. “Super Cacao Latte” blended with black sesame contains L-tryptophan, which could be the source of serotonin & melatonin, which could support quality sleep & happier mood.

Superfood Latte is a result of constant research of most delicious and nutritious blends that could satisfy both ‘health’ and ‘taste.’ After two years of development process, they could be sugar-like sweet but sugar free, and creamy like normal latte but has minimum level of cholesterol and fat.

Established by team of pharmacists, bioengineers, and health experts, DALAMHARI Inc. is the pioneering line of nutrition based functional beverages. First and foremost, their mission for the recent launch on Indiegogo focuses on encouraging backers to build a simple and delicious drinking habit of taking care of health. Discover more information about Super Latte on their project page.

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