One month after Hillary Clinton reported her offer for the White House, the previous secretary of state is under flame for evading inquiries from the media and keeping to firmly coordinated crusade campaign events.


The Democratic presidential leader has subjected herself to zero formal meetings since entering the race. What’s more, the developing field of Republican competitors, who themselves have met the press multiple times, are turning up their feedback of Clinton’s media habits.

Bush, who has about the same name recognition as Clinton, evaluations he has done 20 press gaggles with journalists since plunging his toes in the 2016 race.

Carly Fiorina, an announced GOP applicant, likewise took a hit at Clinton.

“Like Hillary Clinton, I’m also running for president, but unlike her, I’m not afraid to answer questions about my record,” Fiorina said at the South Carolina Freedom Summit.

Fiorina, a previous CEO at Hewlett-Packard who was pushed out of the occupation by the organization’s governing body, has done 21 press meetings contrasted and Clinton’s zero. Fiorina additionally has handled 322 inquiries from correspondents contrasted and Clinton’s eight.