Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA) asks candidates for City Council & Mayor about their plans to revitalize the older parts of the city

HALTOM CITY, TX, March 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — While current Haltom City leadership has been focused on newer areas of the city, a coalition of small business owners are wondering about bringing much-needed attention to the beleaguered south and central areas of the city. The coalition, founded in 2021 and called the Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA), would very much like to see the city implement targeted strategies that would help reverse decline and ultimately spur revitalization, particularly along main corridors such as Denton Highway, NE 28th Street, Carson and Belknap.

With city-wide elections coming up in May, HUBA recently drafted a questionnaire designed to help voters determine where each candidate stands on the issues. HUBA members are particularly interested to hear about ideas that would impact the business community and would also like to learn which candidates recognize the key role that small businesses play in any city’s revitalization plan. The business coalition believes that bringing more business will increase ta revenues, giving the city the opportunity to lower the tax levy on its residents.

Many of the questions are aimed at identifying candidate positions on revitalization and require only a Yes or No answer, such as:

• Do you agree that South and Central parts of the city need a plan to revitalize them?
• Are you open to reviewing the table of uses, to allow more uses in the zoning categories, so potential businesses don’t have to have extensive hearings for those allowed uses?
• Would you consider a major overhaul of the existing zoning code, with ideas from tenants, property owners, citizens and city staff, perhaps moving to form-based code instead of use based code, as other cities have done to revitalize their small business owners?

Other questions target specific use regulations:

• Full landscaping and irrigation systems can be a costly burden for some business owners given water shortages and long drought periods in the summer. Would you support irrigation free and drought tolerant landscaping ordinances?
• Would you support sensible arrangements for liquor in Haltom City to promote more restaurants, breweries, and bars?
• Many cities, including Fayetteville AR. and the State of California have abolished parking minimums, in their push to make older buildings usable again, and revitalize their aging areas. Please google the topic to learn more about the success stories. Would you consider learning more about this strategy?

The questionnaire also asks for ideas on how to reduce the 20%+ vacancy rate of older buildings in the declining corridors and the over-arching problems of business closings and vacant lots. One questions asks about steps the City Council might take to improve or streamline the change of use process for new business prospects so owners do not decide to look elsewhere.

HUBA has sent a copy of the questionnaire to all candidates (including incumbents) who are running for election in Haltom City for the May 2023 election. Candidates are asked to complete the form and return it to HUBA (in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided) so as to be received no later than March 25th. The group intends to distribute the candidates’ answers in early April so all voters will have a chance to review them prior to the election.

The members of HUBA strongly believe that the city needs a targeted revitalization plan. According to Communications Director Joe Palmer, “Haltom City needs council members who are not in denial about inner-city issues, who will look at the big picture and advocate for policies that promote private sector businesses, strengthen the tax base, and cultivate healthy neighborhoods. We hope that our questionnaire will help voters more easily identify candidates who are up to the task at hand.”

To learn more about HUBA, visit the HUBA Facebook Page or contact Joe Palmer directly by phone (682) 310-0591 or email HUBAgrp@gmail.com.

About Haltom United Business Alliance
Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA) is a group of business owners dedicated to making Haltom City the most business-friendly city in Tarrant County. HUBA recognizes the contributions of small business owners to community and their unique role in providing jobs, goods and services, and greater choice to the people of Haltom City. HUBA believes innovative strategies are needed to create a strong business tax base to allow residential tax reductions. All Haltom City business owners are eligible to join HUBA. For more information, contact Joe Palmer at (682) 310-0591 or by email at HUBAgrp@gmail.com or visit the group’s Facebook page at Haltom United Business Alliance.

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