Back from his sabbatical, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has been aggressive.

At the same time, perceptible as his numerous political assaults on Modi government have been, has Gandhi been precise? Consistent with truths?


Rahul: UPA trekked wheat MSP from Rs 640 to Rs 1,400 every quintal. Modi govt’s yearly trek was just Rs 50

REALITY: That Rs 640-1,400 trek came in 10 years, from 2004-05 to 2013-14. In this way, false correlation. Also, UPA-II’s MSP trek in its last year was Rs 50 as well. Same request of expansion in bolster costs Increase in least bolster costs Rs/Quintal


Rahul: Scrapping connected with food park your car can be state policies connected with payback. Venture would have offered better rates to help  farmers

REALITY: Amethi undertaking the non-starter considering that it’s 2010 sanction. Along with federal says this oil ministry within UPA with 2013 received turned down to deliver fuel towards the undertaking


Rahul: Govt needs corporates to assume control Internet. Trai interviews won’t do. Need to acquire a law

REALITY: Trai is a statutory body. Furthermore, the telecom clergyman has upheld internet fairness. Also, there’s a 6-part telecom service board investigating the issue. Also, you didn’t hear Rahul discuss UPA’s solid arm net laws.