IP Litigations Regarding 3D NAND Flash Memory

PORTLAND, OR, January 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — BeSang Inc., a fabless 3D memory technology company headquartered in Oregon, files patent lawsuits against Micron and Intel. The lawsuits allege that Intel and Micron infringe BeSang’s intellectual property covering vertical memory device structures. The lawsuits identify each company’s 3D NAND Flash memory products as practicing BeSang’s patent claims without a license. In both cases, BeSang seeks damages.

3D NAND is commonly used in today’s mobile memory components and storage products such as Solid State Drives. BeSang’s lawsuits detail how the company pioneered 3D memory technologies years before Micron and Intel released their 3D NAND products. The suits note that BeSang’s 3D prototypes, made at the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility in California and the National NanoFab Center in Korea, received critical acclaim. Dr. Simon Sze, Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and co-inventor of the floating-gate transistor for nonvolatile memory cells in 1967, stated that “before BeSang’s design came, all other past attempts were pseudo 3D,” and that “BeSang’s 3D IC is a very attractive technology.”

As BeSang enforces its patent rights through the court system, the company will continue to innovate and pursue 3D memory technologies that will shape advanced memory components and storage products.

BeSang Inc. is a fabless company incorporated and headquartered in Oregon, USA and a pioneer in memory technologies since its inception in 2003. BeSang is the first company that successfully implemented vertical nonvolatile memory cells and access transistors on top of logic circuitry. Since that time, BeSang has continued to work on the development and improvement of 3D memory technologies.

BeSang has developed a wide range of memory applications, such as 3D NAND, 3D DRAM, 3D NOR, and embedded cache for CPU/GPU. Various issued and pending patents worldwide cover extensive and specific boundaries of BeSang’s inventions.

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