Mental Math Unleash The Power

Abellna has recently launched a massive 1500+ pages mental math eBook containing many collections of techniques for boosting math skills, including other general academic subjects, increasing the calculating power of the mind, and most of all, instilling confidence and self-esteem for everyone.

Math, reading and writing are hugely important for children to adults, skilled professionals, and everyone in between. Though used almost daily for simple day to day life activities such as like buying groceries, gas, and others, mental math seemed foreign and daunting to most.

If a user can perform basic arithmetic like adding and subtracting, learning and mastering mental math should be no issue, and best of all, it doesn’t take days or weeks – many techniques are learnable within minutes. The eBook aims to provide the necessary foundation and techniques so everyone can perform many math problems mentally without using a calculator. The techniques are flexible that the user can modify them to write some work, increasing the speed in solving problems.

The eBook covers 14 essential math topics, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, cubes, and others based largely on elementary-level math, and some middle school. The instructions are easy to read and understand without using large vocabulary words that get in the way. With mental math, a user can gain an edge over his or her peers, mainly due to the increased processing power of mind – a valuable asset for anyone.

Why learn mental math in the age of ever increasing technology?  Devices such as calculators or other electronic gadgets are wonderful at what they do but if a user doesn’t understand math, it won’t matter. Mental math has been around both in western and eastern societies for a long time but has never gained real traction until of late. The interest surrounding mental math and its importance is evident by the increasing exposure on the Internet and books and eBooks being written about it. In addition, more and more online courses are becoming available, not to mention the thousands of videos provided by social media sites.

Developed by a former Information Technology Network Security Engineer, the mental math eBook is written specifically for beginners in mind – lots of illustrations and step by step procedures. The materials in the eBook are so abundant, even experts in mental math will find worth the time – as far as the author knows, there has never been a mental math eBook this large.

Besides the 1500+ pages Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook, Abellna is also providing freebies of worth $199 to the user, and lots more. This includes both a mini local website and 100 videos: the website is for accessing the 100 instructional videos with animations of more than 9+ hours in length. Furthermore, another collection of techniques, call Mental Math Bonus Package, is in the works and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016 to bring the user even more techniques. This bonus package is also provided FREE and will contain over 600+ pages.

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