Peter Arn, CEO of ROM Technologies ™, has revolutionized how telemedicine aids and empowers recovering knee surgery patients through the PortableConnect ®.

BROOKFIELD, CT, April 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Recovering from knee surgery is difficult for patients, with many reporting significant pain and mobility issues throughout.

Peter Arn, CEO of ROM Technologies ™, has revolutionized how telemedicine aids and empowers recovering knee surgery patients through the PortableConnect ®, an exercise machine that allows anyone recovering from surgery to accelerate and ease the process safely from home.

For many recovering from Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery through range of motion exercises, know it is a laborious process that often lasts upwards of 12 weeks.

The recovery process is intensive and personalized for each patient and their specific needs. The more information the doctor has about the patient, the more capable they can support and supplement their progress.

In a traditional setting, this information gathering comes from frequent visits to the doctor’s office and a rehabilitation facility that can be disruptive and uncomfortable for patients already experiencing some degree of pain.

The PortableConnect ®, produced by ROMTech ®, is the perfect tool for this purpose, enabling medical professionals to offer more personalized assistance and help patients follow through with a treatment plan that suits them, all in the comfort of their homes.

The machine is prescribed by medical professionals and delivered by a clinician who customizes the device according to the patient’s needs.

The ROMTech ® device has a walkthrough system that enables users to understand it intuitively and achieve optimal results; moreover, the PortableConnect ® tracks patient health information and usage data to keep the doctor informed about the rehabilitation process.

This connection isn’t just informational; all PortableConnect ® machines come with a screen allowing them to communicate with a doctor or therapist during a session, allowing the medical professional to walk the patient through their first session, offer recovery recommendations, and provide helpful advice for an active, productive session.

Treatment sessions vary in length and intensity, but a typical plan can last 3-6 weeks and consist of up to 5 daily sessions.

The merit of telemedicine itself is readily apparent. Traditional recovery processes involve a lengthy stay at a rehab facility and daily exercise routines issued by a physical therapist on a Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine.

Through the PortableConnect ®, doctors can now be involved in and monitor the recovery process without the patient feeling as though their daily life has been severely disrupted.

ROMTech ® PortableConnect ® sessions are supervised just the same as traditional rehab, with the only difference being that the medical professional and patient connect virtually instead of in person.

The data provided by the PortableConnect ® still allows medical professionals and personal trainers to provide insightful recovery and activity recommendations.

ROMTech ® specifically caters to their rehabilitation device to meet the needs of an individual recovering from injury or surgery and promotes a comfortable range of motion exercises for patients, allowing them to strengthen the affected area without inadvertently causing more damage.

The recovery process for TKR surgery is daunting for patients, especially in a traditional setting that involves an extended stay at rehabilitation and constant back-and-forth in-person visits with physical therapists and medical professionals.

ROMTech ® cuts out the middleman with the PortableConnect ®, a technology designed to facilitate exercises for those in recovery and allow clear communication between doctor and patient.

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