TAO Digital Solutions Inc. (TAO), a leading IT professional service provider based in California, USA, announced joining the Universal Postal Union (UPU) as a Consultative Committee member.

SANTA CLARA, CA, April 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The collaboration aims to help UPU improve digital adoption by helping bring digital products to market faster, improving data security, adopting new AI tool sets, achieving tax compliance, to accelerating e-commerce. In addition, TAO’s delivery and advisory capability will also help UPU members and designated postal operators drive predictable revenue by integrating digital payments for customers, employing a skilled workforce, and enabling e-commerce acceleration.

“We thank the UPU consultative committee for welcoming TAO Digital Solutions as a proud partner in collaboration to strengthen the committee’s digital acceleration initiative. We believe the alliances between the public and private sectors are necessary for better technological adaptation, expanding the network, and facilitating the digitalization of communications and commerce to endure market disruptions and changing consumer behavior,” says Rajkumar Velagapudi, TAO Digital Solutions CEO & Chairman. “Through this collaboration, we will shape the future of postal services worldwide.”

UPU aims to improve postal services globally and ensure international collaboration to harness digital operations and build efficiency around the new business offerings. Since July 2022, the Union has opened up to the nongovernmental postal stakeholders to collaborate with other UPU members through the Consultative Committee to digitalize and standardize operations, integrate with e-commerce platforms, and solve the current challenges in the postal industry. As a proud member of the Consultative Committee, TAO is dedicated to adding value to the Universal Postal Union and enhancing its effectiveness within the postal service industry.

“Digitalization facilitates partnerships which are essential for all postal stakeholders, whatever their size. The new UPU Consultative Committee encourages direct communication and dialogue, as well as interconnectivity and the integration of private partners and their solutions into the existing global IT backbone of the UPU. Together, we are helping to shape the sector’s digital future,” explains Walter Trezek, Chair of the UPU Consultative Committee. “We welcome TAO Digital Solutions to the UPU CC family and look forward to working together to bring value and growth to the postal industry.”

About TAO Digital Solutions:
TAO Digital Solutions is helping businesses with innovative technological capabilities and strategies to thrive in the digital economy. We offer a comprehensive range of technology services around product engineering solutions, cybersecurity, payment solutions, and managed services. TAO’s multidisciplinary team is adept at identifying opportunities to improve business processes with advanced automation and optimization techniques and deliver transformative solutions. The company operates in the US, Canada, India, and Nigeria and comprises more than 200 passionate employees worldwide.

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