MUMBAI: The Central Railway may change from 1500 V Direct Current (DC) to 25KV Alternating Current (AC) in the middle of CST and Thane by May 24.

This is the main area on Indian Railways which keeps running on DC current. CR’s general supervisor S K Sood said, “We are attempting to attempt the change from DC to AC amid the May 23-24 weekend.”

CR effectively embraced test charging of the AC control in December 2014. A piece of the rail route system from LTT-Thane till Kalyan and past has as of now been changed over from DC to AC. A senior authority said, “Till now, we run two sorts of rakes as trains in the middle of Thane CST still work on the DC framework.”

The CR runs 10 administrations with DC rakes in the middle of CST and Thane. A large portion of these rakes have outlasted their lives. A senior authority said, “These rakes are unsafe to keep running as they are inclined to incidents. We need to change to AC segment to run better rakes.”

The magistrate of rail line wellbeing has conceded his support yet the boss chief of railroad security has put the ball in the railroad’s court on whether to proceed with the change.

There are fears that the lower tallness of the British-time scaffolds can posture security challenges. Then again, CR arrangements to apply the protection paint underneath scaffold and catenary wire to forestall incidents because of short out.