Book Becomes #1 International Best Seller

PASADENA, CA, November 04, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the short read “Bird Dance,” Eleanor Flores shares the story passed down to her Sister-in-Law, Deborah Tourtillott, from her Great Uncle. The Bird Dance is performed by Eleanor’s Sister-in-Laws and many of their relatives of the Quechan Indian Tribe, located in California. This story has been passed on through generations. Beautifully illustrated by her Sister-in-Law, Leona Marquez, this book provides amazing insight into Quechan tradition and culture. We hope you enjoy reading “Bird Dance.”

Eleanor Flores says “‘Bird Dance’ reminds you to trust your wings when you want to fly to reach your goals, knowing that you always have family or friends to share your life experiences with.”

“There is so much to learn from the cultures of the native people in any area. As we learn from and embrace these traditions, we are in turn enhanced.” Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur radio

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Hello, Everyone! My name is Eleanor Flores, and I am the author of “Bird Dance.” I had met my soulmate, Delmar L. Jose, Jr., a gorgeous 6′-5″ full-blooded Native American, while both of us were attending Pepperdine University on academic scholarships. We were married, and I then lived with him on the Quechan Indian Reservation. Sadly, Delmar passed away at the young age of 41, but he left me the peace of knowing the genuine feeling of unconditional love. His sister, Deborah L. Tourtillott, recently told me that many years ago, her Great Uncle gave her a gift, his heartfelt meaning behind the traditional Bird Dance, performed by many Native Americans. I had immediately advised her that she would bring so many smiles to so many readers if she would allow me to publish her story, which has been passed on through generations. I then asked Leona M. Marquez, Delmar’s other sister, if she would draw the illustrations to bring visual enjoyment with her detailed artistic talent. Delmar once told me, “If you have a goal, talk about it. If it’s meant to be, doors will open.” After speaking to my daughter, Jena L. Avila, of my idea, she informed me that her dear friend, Kristoff Shelter, is the personal assistant to the incredible Kathy Kidd, C.E.O. of Best Seller’s Guild. Once Kathy and her husband, Steve Kidd, walked me through this wondrous journey of writing, publishing, and marketing by attending their “Nine-Week Best Seller’s Workshop” online, “Bird Dance” was published in June 2019 and made “#1 Best Selling Author Internationally” on Amazon! We all are so happy to now have the opportunity to share this legendary story with you. We hope you enjoy reading “Bird Dance.”

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