Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and is also the author of ‘The Alpha & Omega Bible Code’

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The headlines offered by the American new media leave no room for doubt. “Tsunami could kill thousands on WA coast…It’s going to dwarf the scale of any disaster we have ever had…” NY Times, 2/9/22. The San Andreas fault is ‘locked, loaded and ready to roll’, LA Times, 5/4/16. This updates the LA Times Book Festival forum—The End of the World as We Know It, April 24, 2022.

“Seismologists cannot say when,” but a new book offers a biblical view that’s proving true. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy, predicted war with Iraq before 9-11 and he says the President of Turkey has appealed for Muslims to siege Israel. The Bible shows Jerusalem taken in Zechariah 14. He also offers Biblical proof that dovetails with current events. According to Dr. Ruhling:

Rejoicing in their mosque with an inscription, “Allah has no Son,” suddenly, “the Lord shall roar from Jerusalem… the heaven and earth shall shake” and they will flee. The lion’s “roar” encodes the megaquake twice in Revelation. The previous passages have “day-of-the-Lord” context and so does Paul’s passage for when they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes. The Iran Nuclear Treaty was ‘Peace and safety’ and one of several 7-year warnings in 2015.

The prophet Isaiah said the earthquake initiates ‘the day of the Lord’ when God “will shake terribly the earth.” We could expect it to trigger the overdue San Andreas Fault. “The day of the Lord” was signaled in 2015 as impending by the rare solar eclipse on the equinox, followed by blood moon on Passover. Ruhling says those signs were a 7-year warning like Joseph telling Pharaoh there would be seven years of plenty before seven of famine.

The 7-year warning is because Christ said woe to them with child or give suck. It takes several years to become pregnant, have a baby, nurse and wean it. Seven years is a fair warning to women, but six years are past.

2023 is four generations when ‘the day of the Lord’ comes in the book of Joel. A generation is 40 years; 4 x 40 = 160 years. 2023 is 160 years from Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. It gave freedom to slaves, but after four generations, freedom is gone when martial law may come to control racial strife says Ruhling.

The US has numerous parallels to Egypt, the greatest nation in early Bible times. Israel went to Egypt in a time of famine. Pioneers came to America in a famine for the Bread of Life when the papacy forbid owning a Bible. Egypt enslaved Israel; the US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco and negative lifestyles. Egypt threw babies in the river; the US has thrown 63 million in the trash—we’re seeing a transition to a time of judgment says Ruhling.

God liberated Israel in a jubilee event–jubilee came on the 50th year and 50 years from Roe v Wade is 2023.

Dr. Ruhling offers more information in MegaQuake 2023 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09W1XVVMV. The book will be available in ebook form at no charge on Friday May 6, 2022 at Amazon.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is available for speaking engagements and media interviews and can be reached by contact information below. More information is available at his website at http://www.HealthHappinessDestiny.com/blog-2/.

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Ruhling graduated from Loma Linda University medical school and planning for overseas work, took a Masters Degree in Public Health. After Internal Medicine training and board certification, he also had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching at Loma Linda’s School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin reporting how a low fat, low cholesterol diet reversed heart disease and got 85% of patients off their drugs for diabetes and blood pressure.

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