This compelling guide for young men, spiritual and paternal fathers, offers introspection and proactive discussion focusing on traditional roles in a modern world.

HARRISBURG, NC, February 21, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tools to Ready the Journey: A Father’s Guide to a Faith-Filled Family, offers a compilation of theories and concepts, represented as tools that give the reader valuable competencies to invoke discussion on a man’s role in the masculine journey and in the family, in the context of a modern world that promotes alternative values. Haywood’s treatise is written as a guide for men of all ages and denominations by removing the barrier of faith bias. The book provides strong narrative for reflection and discussion, considering in depth the role of the traditional family, particularly the role of the father. A study guide ends each chapter with the intent of developing awareness of the tools that are shared with humility by the author. The reader is empowered to change the world around him through the good intent that will now be reflected in his character.

Haywood plunges the reader into deep introspection, asking men to consider all aspects of their role in a secular modern world that often challenges the values of the traditional family. As the title suggests, this book undertakes the task of providing men with the tools needed to build strong, faith-filled families in a world that persistently attacks the value of men, their place in the family, and the foundation of faith that fortifies them. TRJ Fathers Guide will continue to reinforce the message shared through the social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram. All efforts combined will place the intentional reader squarely on the path through their physical and spiritual journey while building up faith-filled communities.

“My hope is that the life lessons and competencies shared within this book will lead young men and fathers of all ages and denominations to a clearer understanding of their rightful place within their faith and their family journey,” says the author. “Before we can lead, we must first follow…”

Tools to Ready the Journey was pre-released February 19 and released March 19, 2019.

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