Virtual classes seek to capture what traditional education may overlook. Classes teach business and life-skills topics to prepare students ages 12 to 16 for a successful, well-rounded skill-set.

ORLANDO, FL, July 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Y.M.B.A. Virtual (Youth Master of Business Administration) has launched live virtual classes for students aged 12 to 16 focused on business and life topics that support the often difficult transition into adult life. Class sizes are capped at nine and are facilitated by professional teachers with extensive experience in virtual instruction to bridge the cyber distance effectively and best adapt to each student. The new live virtual classes are conversation-based and focus on group discussion to promote participation, comprehension, and retention of course subject matter. Each class offered by Y.M.B.A. includes a variety of techniques to match the learning styles of each student. Approximately 100 classes are offered in the fields of Finance, Law, Marketing, Music and Acting, Math, Accounting, and Interpersonal Communications.

Lee, a partner at Y.M.B.A with over 20 years of corporate experience believes that students benefit from an educational approach that includes real-like scenarios to support their transition into adult responsibilities, “I recall in college teaching my friends how to write a check and balance their bank statement,” says Lee. “The Y.M.B.A. concept is founded on the idea that education should engage and interest students while also helping them prepare for a successful future.” She added, “At Y.M.B.A. students gain an understanding of what it means to avoid debt and increase savings; both are so very important when first taking on life and college expenses.” Jessica, a partner at Y.M.B.A. with over 20 years of performing arts experience, knows first hand that many of the skills that bring life success are not measured on a standardized test.

“Public speaking, confidence, reasoning and performing arts provide for the development of essential social and interpersonal skills while unlocking creative and problem-solving talents. Every future career path will benefit from having developed the skill to listen, observe, process, and empathize as part of emotional and social awareness. Y.M.B.A. strives to build a variety of skills with each student.”

The Y.M.B.A. group is an outgrowth of the successful Y.M.B.A. Learning Workbooks program that began in 2013. Y.M.B.A.’s virtual classes were developed by Lee and Jessica drawing on their passion to bring together the best of public school and home school with the essential life topics curriculum can overlook. Y.M.B.A. seeks to instruct today what students need to know tomorrow. Together their experience includes business, adult and child instruction, children’s activities, and group programs. They are proud mothers to three school-age children. Their experience puts Y.M.B.A. in a unique position to offer live, finely tuned classes as students learn valuable real-world topics.

In addition to education, their experience includes unique elements that lend to an engaging and fun learning classroom. Lee earned an undergraduate degree in Marketing and International Business from Hofstra University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland. Lee achieved corporate-world success in New York City and Washington D.C. Lee effectively organized and led group activities for ages seven to sixteen at an international resort and worked as a background actor and stand-in for theme parks, television, and film production projects.

Jessica received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Education from the University of Utah and has extensive experience as an in-person and a virtual teacher. She performed as a faculty member who designed and instructed at the prestigious Miami-Dade College New World School of the Arts in Florida. Jessica also served as the Director of Education for Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix, Arizona where she directed award-winning productions.

She has been a cast member, director, and instructor for numerous comedy troupes and has enjoyed seeing her students take their talents to Broadway and Hollywood.

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