‘San Bernardino’s renowned rap artist Drama Squad Jay is back after a break with a new solo release: ‘Don’t get it confused’.’

California: Rap artist Drama Squad Jay is back with a new single release ‘Don’t Get It Confused’. Drama was also heard in the Lani’s World mixtape ‘Recognize’ released this year in January. This Inland Empire rap artist has a way and story different form most of the big names out there. He is mostly known for his unique vision and marketing skills which makes him not just an artist but a visionary artist.

Drama has never backed down from hard work. Throughout a decade of hard work, Drama has always been independent and self reliant overcoming past achievements with new accomplishments ever since. In early 2018, Drama Squad Jay had an aim of creating a platform for rising singers and rappers that would help them showcase their talents to an audience that would appreciate upcoming talents and encourage them. After a number of failed attempts, he created ‘Hip Hop Buzz’, and independent resource for music promotion with the same agenda. His marketing company helps artists to create a name with their music and also get paid. Till date, Jay’s music has made some noise and has taken its spot amongst the big names. He has already worked with more than 300 artists from all over the world on this network alone. Popular celebrities such as Miami Dolphins/ Running Backs, Storm Johnson, Squidnice and China Mac have already noticed this platform. Drama said, “I didn’t see any platform which was built solely for independent artists, so I built my own.

Big newspapers like The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribunal and many other big name newspapers have spoken highly of Drama Squad Jay. A huge number of blogs have also been written on him. Drama has performed on many sold out venues and plans on more global tours. Drama also plans on creating a YouTube channel by which he wishes to showcase upcoming talents worldwide.


Drama Squad Jay is a rap artist originally from San Bernardino, California. He has shared platforms with many renowned artists till date. Apart from being an artist he also has a marketing company which serves as a platform fro rising artists which have singing and rapping as their art form.