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ATLANTA, GA, July 29, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson is a successful lawyer with a background in dedicated services. As the son of a highly distinguished military pilot, Johnson was raised in a strict — yet constructive environment. His father served in several overseas missions and was Johnson’s role model growing up. Following in the footsteps of his proud, brave father, Johnson enlisted in the army and served with honor and excellence.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson enjoyed a variety of activities as a youngster. This includes music, martial arts, aviation, and diving. These interests helped shape and forge his future as an infantry squad leader in the army. Johnson also became a professional musician and certified legal professional later on in life.

As a musician, Johnson showcased his skills in performances across the nation. He also performed in countries across Europe as part of a famous band. These include musical theater shows, along with recording acts. His artistic skills reflected a myriad of musical styles and genres that Johnson continues to enjoy today.

Johnson also loved competing in various forms of martial arts. His military background was perfect for martial arts since it revolved around discipline. Johnson participated in several tournaments across the country and world. His participation in martial arts gave him the patience and skills needed to excel in his career and life in general. It also gave Johnson his competitive spirit — one which he uses to protect the legal rights of his clients across the board.

The Law Firm

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson started his practice in Atlanta after his military tenure. As part of the U.S. Army, he served with distinction in the Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team. He also served as an infantry squad leader — a position he handled with true excellence and leadership.

Johnson entered the world of law with diverse skills and accolades. He was able to excel in legal studies and graduated from law school with flying colors. Johnson put his years of education into great use by starting a law firm — specializing in trial law. While he initially worked for another law agency, Johnson was tasked with taking over the duties of a departing lawyer. This propelled him to work hard and accept the overwhelming number of cases and challenges with true might and determination.

Working at another law firm gave Johnson the real-world experience he needed to launch his own firm — and continue his successful ways. He also worked in the nuclear industry as a senior health physics technician at one point. This experience — coupled with his other skills — led Johnson to create a thriving law practice that continues to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews.

With positive reviews and successful law practice, Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson brings over 24 years of experience to the table. With specialties in personal injury, family law, and divorce cases, Johnson is a lawyer that is reputable and well-established. He defends the legal rights of his clients to a tee and continues to fight for justice and restitution. He also handles DUI, DWI, products liability, and nursing home abuse cases.

As a proud American, Johnson served his country with high honors and brought that same passion to the legal realm. As the recipient of the Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Johnson now represents clients across a myriad of legal cases and suits. In fact, he has successfully represented clients in over 40 courts across the Greater Metropolitan area.

If looking for a dedicated attorney that will fight for your rights, go no further than Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson in Atlanta, Georgia.

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