Don Forman Automotive helping the Las Vegas community through philanthropic activities.

LAS VEGAS, NV, July 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Don Forman Nissan has recently been making news in Las Vegas following his philanthropy, something that is of great help to the US economy, which has been greatly hit by the global pandemic of Coronavirus. COVID-19 has brought adverse effects on millions of people, causing many businesses across all sectors to shut down. Even though a cure hasn’t been produced yet, a lot of people show enthusiasm in returning to their activities. Stores are gradually opening as the pandemic is expected to recede. As people resume their lives, they will forever be grateful for the contributions of Don Forman Automotive to the community. The successful founder of Don Forman Nissan is working hand in hand with a professional team to assist the less fortunate groups that are in dire need of both emotional and financial support.

Most Notable Charity Works by Don Forman Nissan

The most unforgettable act of charity by Don was the assistance he rendered after the October 2017 shooting that happened in Las Vegas. With the help of his team, Don took the victims to the nearest hospitals to receive medical care. Many people lost their families during the shooting and were left in desperate situations. Don Forman came to their rescue in those moments of distress by directing the entire United Nissan to help in collecting blood donations. The Las Vegas blood drive was his idea where dedicated folks from his company would pick blood from donors and deliver to hospitals to save lives. He later established a central camp that became a help center for the needy. He also supported a man who offered to plant crosses in the city to commemorate the people who died in that tragedy.

Financial Support for Students

Don has always supported education. He has helped many girls achieve their academic ambitions by funding their education. Those who qualified to join college but faced financial crises also benefited from his scholarly funds. He went ahead to surprised them with free automobiles (cars) for commuting during their studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Another beneficiary of his charity was a young lady who did not have money to take a fellow student to a homecoming event.

Partnership With FOX5 Surprise Squad

From the trending social media posts to the local press, people continue to praise Don for his relentless efforts in helping people cope with the challenging times. He is indeed living an exemplary life of philanthropy in action. FOX5 Surprise Squad has partnered with Don Forman Nissan in a bid to put smiles on those suffering despair, sadness, and depression. The Squad helps individuals in all spheres of life, whether suffering from health-related issues of financial constraints. For instance, they supply study materials that are too expensive for some students. Don is working closely with them to touch the less privileged across the city. His active contribution to society is one of the reasons Don Forman is successful in the car dealership industry.

Nation-Wide Charity

Don Forman is one of the few entrepreneurs that do not step back from helping people based on their locality. There was a time he organized outdoor activities and camps for students and joined them in having fun. His philanthropist attitude is geared towards imparting positivity in the country during the current global pandemic. A lot of people have lost jobs and homes across the US. In his LinkedIn account, Don announced his willingness to help those who are homeless. He offered food and shelter as well as emotional support to the depressed through his dedicated team that works closely with the community.

These are just a few examples of humanitarian actions by Don. In his store, he is offering a broad collection of both new and pre-owned vehicles at reduced prices. They are perfect for commuting, especially now that COVID-19 will continue for a while. He wants to help the local people acquire cars with real MSRP savings. Moreover, there are promotional offers, drive-out deals, and trade-ins from Don Forman Automotive. Seeing a professional like Don Forman do charity works is a big consolation to anyone going through a financial crisis right now. Don knows how challenging it is for families and so he is committed to empowering the community across Las Vegas and beyond. It is the wish of United Nissan that Coronavirus gets a long-lasting and final cure.

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