With solar & energy management systems designed to fit the lives of homeowners nationwide, Erus Energy now offers a variety of options for those looking to go solar.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, February 16, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The decision to invest in a solar and energy management system for a home involves several factors. Most homeowners look at upfront costs, potential volume of power that can be generated, leasing options vs. purchase, and energy bill savings. Every home and property is different, with different variables affecting how the system will be designed, and how much power it will produce.

That’s why the solar experts at Erus Energy know the ins and outs of all of these factors. They have helped thousands of customers nationwide take advantage of clean, renewable energy, and save a lot on their energy bills by reducing, producing and monitoring their energy.

Solar solutions reduce energy waste

Reducing energy waste in a home can make a considerable difference in energy costs and usage. This step is an important part of home energy management. It is done by implementing energy efficient solutions into the home and making it run more efficiently. Beyond solar panel installation and usage, energy efficient solutions include:

– LED light bulbs
– Aeroseal. This product seals your ducts from the inside to make heating and cooling your home more efficient which in turn lowers your energy usage.
– Smart Home solutions including programmable thermostats, load controllers, and other solutions to improve the comfort in your home.

Financial optons for getting solar panels installed

Using solar panels produces free, clean energy from the most efficient source – the sun. Going solar not only protects against rising utility rates and lowers energy bills, but is an investment that gives great returns over a long period of time. To make the process of installing solar panels more feasible for a homeowner at any end of the economic spectrum, Erus Energy now offers multiple financial options.

Purchasing: It’s possible to own your own system and take advantage of the best way to go solar – become energy independent. The highest cost benefit comes from owning the system, but also requires more upfront funding. However, Erus Energy will help homeowners qualify for Federal Tax Incentives through the Solar Tax Credit.

Leasing: Leasing is the most budget-friendly option for getting solar for a home or property. With predictable monthly rates, lease payments can be locked in with no increase in rates. Homeowners also continue to save on their energy costs each month, and they will see their energy bills begin to get lower over time. There is normally no upfront cost for leasing a solar energy system.

Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement): This is another great option to go solar while saving money on energy costs. Homeowners pay little or no upfront costs and instead purchase the power generated by their solar energy system rather than from their power company. Their monthly electric bill is lower, and rates are locked in for years to come, giving predictable solar electricity costs.

Erus Energy now has more than 8000 solar panel installations in five states, servicing such major cities as Tampa, Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Antonio, and Columbia SC, with more states launching in the near future.

Erus Energy is the industry leader in home solar energy systems, with over 8,000 systems installed since 2009 and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Erus is a fully integrated alternative energy company, offering financing, installation, ongoing maintenance, and service for solar panels to both commercial and residential customers in multiple markets across the US.

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