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I’m Robert, the founder and owner of American Real Estate Referrals. I’ve worked in the real estate sector for several years and know the very best agents that can serve you and your needs. I’m from the Carolina Coast and I earned my BSBA from East Carolina University and my MBA ​essentials certification from Clemson University with a specialization in business strategy from the University of Virginia. We are happy to work with everyone especially our US military men and women.

​I come from a working class family who served in the military as I have also served our brave military communities via work with disabled veterans which taught me honesty and respect so I’m always upfront and practical. I’ve traveled this country coast to coast and I designed this site myself so I’m the one whom you will be talking with unlike the other sites that only use data to find agents for you as most of those sites know very little of the culture, economics and landscape of the various cities, towns and villages of America. Just because someone from a call center in the middle east can match you with an agent can they tell you anything about Myrtle Beach or Cary NC or the best short cut to work?

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