Dr. Michael Everest Changing Lives With The Everest Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Everest Foundation’s impact on the medical field cannot be underestimated, especially with advancements in many complex diseases. Michael Everest plays a major role in positively influencing the medical field. Michael Everest is the chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation.

As chairman of the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund, Everest carries on his father’s work of empowering international medical graduates. His father, Edwin Everest, believed in medical education as a major tool in helping future generations. With medical education, individuals had the power to become innovative and future leaders of society.

Furthermore, medical education would provide training and research that would help societies deal with physical and mental issues. This way, Everest’s father would touch people’s lives.

Based in Los Angeles, Everest Foundation, a non-profit charity organization, is dedicated to advancing medical education for the graduates. Further, the organization partners with residency programs and medical universities to achieve their goals. They also work with programs and foundations dealing with medical research.

One of the ways Michael Everest has impacted the medical field is through his $500,000 donation to the University of California. The donation funds the Davis School of Medicine Foundation at the university.

He believes that, although many medical schools offer ‘good basic science,’ they offer little in terms of experience for research in pathology. Through such funds, international graduates, including Asian Indians, can get support in pathology training.

Also, the Everest Foundation gifted the Keck School OF Medicine of USC with $1 million to establish an Everest Foundation Fund. Through this, international medical graduates aspiring to get to the field research and diagnostics can get training and support. Also, the gift would support postdoctoral trainees in the Department of Medicine with their volunteer programs in medical research.

Dr. Uttam Sinha mostly inspired Michael Everest’s passion to help USC students. Dr. Uttam Sinha is an associate professor of otolaryngology and residency program director, Department of Otolaryngology at the Keck School. Michael Everest, further, credits the professor as a source of inspiration for his recent work supporting the Department of Medication.

Michael Everest indicated that he was first introduced to USC through the work of Dr. Uttam Sinha. Dr. Uttam Sinha’s passion and dedication to medicine inspired him. Michael Everest was also amazed by work done by a Ph.D. student in his laboratory, and this culminated in a special relationship with USC.

Dr. Michael Everest, in his statement, believes in helping the young as a way of beginning a paradigm shift in disease treatment. He believes that future doctors will need to be equipped with a combination of academic and clinical skills. He also believes that those who conduct disease diagnosis should be at the forefront of medicine.

Dr. Michael Everest draws inspiration from his father, who founded the Everest Foundation, for U.S health systems. Dr, Edwin Everest was a foreign graduate who positively influenced the medical institutions in the U.S, U.K, and India.

Dr. Everest focuses on offering guidance to medical students and graduates. He offers expertise to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for accreditation of hospitals. Further, Dr. Everest works on effectuating successful matches by ensuring that the U.S. and international medical graduates and students as well as produce top viable candidates.

Michael Everest is dedicated to upholding his family traditions through his support for medical education for graduates. His foundation continues to offer help in their possible ways to offer medical education to all graduates.

Also, he works with other organizations to reach more individuals in need of medical education and have a positive impact on the medical field. He states that they hold the responsibility of fuelling and supporting thousands of research projects.

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