At this modern day, technology is always growing. There are many new innovations that could make everything better. The connection between mobile devices, social networks, and the internet has made a chance for talented people. They could show their abilities on an extensive scale. This chance has created good impact for developing countries, including Mexico. It also leads Mexico’s transformation into a cradle of tech entrepreneurship. The CEO of Metric Impact Group, Pepe Kamel pays attention to the transformation and promotes it throughout several articles about technology development and talent in Mexico.

Mexico has over 115.000 engineers graduating each year. This is a very great number. This number is higher than the engineers’ graduating each year in England, Germany, Brazil, or Canada. The engineers graduating per year in the USA are around 100,000 people. It means that Mexico has a very great number of engineers graduating each year. This could reveal a potentially bright future for the ambition of Mexico to become a cradle of tech entrepreneurs and innovators. Hopefully, the development could give a better impact for Mexico and the world.

Formerly, to be an entrepreneur in Mexico was very challenging for the average person. It was commonly caused by the entrepreneurial spirit within the people. There are several factors that cause a lack of entrepreneurial spirit on most people, such as high costs of incorporation and monopolies conquer the whole industries.These days, the circumstance has changed with some new policies. The recent implementation and technology offer accessible and reasonable marketing channels. Today, the masses can be seen, read, and heard.

In the past, it was not as easy to express one’s talent. Now, it can be something simple and accessible. Now, there are adequate channels to communicate massively and freely. In the last century, we may say that Mexico was one of the countries with most unemployed talents. One could not expect a Mexican citizen to attain a chance to broadcast and express his/her opinions and ideas to the general public. At present, the citizens have achieved their dream since their expectation has come true. The recent technology development lets us access a large collection of talented people. It makes us easy to predict a country with a very different direct future in some areas.

Mexico’s transformation into a cradle of tech entrepreneurship is very promising. Pepe Kamel supports this transformation and has encouraged government entities to push on this area. Through Metric Impact’s incubator Kamel does his best to keep Mexican talent in the country avoiding them to go abroad and improve a foreign economy other than their own, especially he believes Mexico needs them the most.