SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs are responsible for a huge part of the GDP. As a result, many factors affect their stability. In such a vicious and terrible cycle, TimeBit offers a way of dealing without hurdles.

SINGAPORE, March 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — TimeBit announces a simple way for SMEs, startups & entrepreneurs to start their own cryptocurrency business.

Isn’t it surprising? TimeBit which was born a year ago under the management of TimeBit PTE in Singapore has now successfully collaborated with businesses across the globe.

Offering a wide range of solutions right from obtaining proper legal counseling to understanding and maintaining the whole apparatus of crypto-exchange, it fills the gap in today’s world where it has become challenging to initiate a crypto exchange business.

This is how has encountered all the issues faced by developing businesses:

● Maintenance of Liquidity: When liquidity fluctuates rapidly, it directly affects the business in either negative or positive manner. Positive is obviously good but negative is not. A good business requires balance. Some cryptocurrencies have good liquidity while some do not. TimeBit offers strong liquidity, which can become a reason for balanced growth.

● What to Produce: Every entrepreneur is aware of the fact that design and development of a product is not an easy task. Some entrepreneurs like Tesla spend a lot of money on research. When an entrepreneur shakes hands with TimeBit company, he gets attached to an experienced team, which works on the product itself.

● Marketing: The work of TimeBit doesn’t end after production. Once an investor collaborates, the company takes pledge to plan and run all the marketing campaigns for exponential growth. Moreover, TimeBit targets the right audience so that the business can reach to its appropriate customer.

● Automation: Gone are the days when people used to do business without automation. At present, the competition has become as tough as a solid rock. Without the presence of automation, businesses rarely survive. However, there is no need to worry because TimeBit has offered a good AI to sort out all tasks.

● Technicality and Support Issues: As a novice, it gets tough to regulate a crypto exchange network. And nowadays, support teams and experts have become expensive. Fortunately, TimeBit has a team of hustlers to take care of such issues.

● Investment: First of all, TimeBit allows new users to start their own crypto exchange service at an affordable price. Secondly, the TimeBit company – blockchain-based fintech solution company takes advantage of the Percentage Allocation Management Module, which makes it easier for experts and AI to derive maximum results on the basis of past performance. Undoubtedly, the probability of losing money reduces to an unimaginable extent.

● Legal Matters: Legal matters consume time, money, & efforts and give nothing much in return. Although keeping a check on legal matters keeps the business smooth, however, no one likes to deal with legal matters. That’s why TimeBit handles it for the sake of its customers’ happiness.

● Strategy and Planning: It is rightly said that “strength is in unity” and it is very apt for entrepreneurs. A single entrepreneur can’t bear it all easily. When someone plans to go ahead with TimeBit, they get support as well as consultation. If a plan has a leakage, TimeBit can inject it with their wisdom and expertise.

Back then, no one was aware of the capabilities cryptocurrencies hold. It turned out as a surprise when people understood that Blockchain can innovate and expand at a great speed. As a result, those who believed in it are now millionaires and even billionaires.

In the year 2020, almost every SME, startup, and entrepreneur is viewing crypto as a medium of growth. After all, integration of cryptocurrency trading exchange in the business often leads to:

● Reduction of Banking: Crypto exchange money transfer model is peer-to-peer. When banks interfere with monetary transactions, time, as well as money, gets wasted due to their strict policies. In the presence of crypto, transactions do not need to rely on banks and all payments get processed way faster.

● Endless Investment Opportunities: Miracles are ubiquitous among crypto exchanges. A good businessman knows that the saved money can not grow to be idle. At some point, he always thinks about putting it to a worthy place like a place where money can work and grow on its own. When money rests inside a crypto exchange loop, it has a chance to grow.

● International Transactions: Traditional currencies are bound to a particular geographical region. Some investors even end up paying commissions for the conversion of currencies. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged anywhere without limitations.

● Adapt Anonymity: Cryptocurrencies are kept in a digital wallet. In that case, only the wallet ID will be revealed to the vendor. It not only protects the identity of an individual but also puts other businesses and vendors in hidden mode.

SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs are responsible for a huge part of the GDP. As a result, many factors affect their stability. In such a vicious and terrible cycle, TimeBit offers a way of dealing without hurdles.

Some investors must be suspicious about TimeBit because it’s a new company and they are right wondering “how can a new business reach to such a great extent in a short period?”

Apart from this, TimeBit employees can speak languages such as Chinese (simplified & traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese for easy communication with their clients.

What sets TimeBit apart is its way of conducting in the crypto world. Along with the Percentage Allocation Management Module, TimeBit uses expert advice, cloud as well as artificial intelligence to keep up with the latest trends and technological advancement.

It does not matter what type of business a person holds – fits well for every business and individual as it has something for everybody.

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