A sponsorship and ease of payment program for eligible groups, businesses and organizations.

PORTLAND, OR, August 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Patches For A Purpose” is a sponsorship/assistance program that is being launched for specific groups and organizations.

UltraPatches has come up with a solution for groups organizations and businesses (specifically uniform wearing) who want to create customized patches to promote a cause, raise awareness or for identification.

We want to show our deep gratitude and appreciation for those who serve and protect our country, cities, and contribute to the welfare of our communities.

What Does the Patches for a Purpose Program Offer?

UltraPatches is happy to offer eligible groups one of two options to alleviate the burden of the cost when ordering patches for their organization.

1. We may sponsor up to 50% of the cost of the patches.
2. We will break down the cost of the the order into three monthly installments.

If you belong to one of the groups below, then you are eligible for UltraPatches’ Patches for a Purpose sponsorship program (subject to certain terms and conditions).

• Military Personnel and Veterans
• Law Enforcement Departments (Police, Fire Departments, and EMS)
• Federal and State Government Departments (CBP, Forest Division, National Parks and others)
• Not for Profits, Charities and Awareness Programs
• School, College and University groups and sports teams
• Businesses and other groups or organizations that need patches to promote business or for corporate social responsibility projects.

We understand that your organization may need to design and create custom made patches on a deadline and that you may be working with a tight budget. You may also have trouble getting the order approved and the funds released in time to have the order placed and the patches received.

Patches for a Purpose is a one-of-a-kind program that provides a way to circumvent these issues of budget constraints and ensure you have the patches you need when you need them! Most importantly, we have the opportunity to serve our community, even if it is just a small part.

Six Patch Styles to Choose From

• Embroidered Patches – This is the traditional option for almost all kinds of designs.
• PVC Patches – These patches are long lasting and are perfect for the toughest conditions.
• Chenille Patches – These soft and furry patches are the hallmark of varsity jackets and award letters.
• Woven Patches – Made using the warp + weft method, these patches allow for shades, and detailed elements that cannot be achieved with other styles.
• Leather Patches – This style offers a vintage and old school look and can be used as either a patch or label.
• Printed Patches – Printed patches offer a quick turnaround and can accommodate photographs, portraits, and more!

Do you want to avail the “Patches for a Purpose” Program?

UltraPatches is the leadeing manufacturer of custom made patches, and we are excited to have you as a part of the UltraPatches sponsorship program. Feel free to check out our website at www.ultrapatches.com to learn more about our product offerings.

To check your eligibility for our Patches for a Purpose program, email us at sponsorships@ultrapatches.com or contact us at 541-248-8831.

About UltraPatches

Based out of Portland, Oregon, UltraPatches is dedicated to providing the highest quality customized patches. We offer complimentary design services, free of charge, for all custom patches. Don’t worry; you’ll get a proof to approve before the design goes into production. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and unlimited revisions until we’ve perfectly captured your vision.

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